The gang will be back on Sunday at 4pm eastern. The gang being Simon and Jan Barrett, Crime Writer and author Denny Griffin, veteran trial attorney Mannie Barling, journalist Dave Knechel, and Bail Bonds expert William Cobra Staubs.

Our plan last week was to discuss the Death Penalty, unfortunately we found ourselves stuck in a long discussion about the most boring trial of the century, Casey Anthony. In an attempt to shorten the discussion on this most yawn inducing case, this week Judge Perry amended his order, and now Casey Anthony must pay approximately $200k towards the costs incurred by law enforcement while they investigated the crime.  Should she pay? Hell yes. Will they ever collect? Hell no!

In my mind It was just a move to save face in a case that went sideways for the prosecution. Possibly one of the least well educated young lady in Florida has pulled off the crime of the century.

OK, thats the end of the discussion on the silly lady.

On tomorrows program we want to delve more into the Death Penalty. An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth, are these the rules?

I don’t quite ‘buy in’. Of course my panel may disagree! When should the ultimate sanction be sought?

Join us tomorrow at 4pm Eastern and join in the chat, the link to listen in live is here.

Simon Barrett

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