This week we will be tackling the thorny issue of the Death Penalty. We will also be bringing you some updates on some of the crime stories that we are following, Kaitlyn Arqette, Patrick Rust, and the ongoing Casey Anthony saga.

The Death Penalty is a subject that people are divided on. There are a thousand different viewpoints. Some people subscribe to the ‘Eye for an eye’ position, simply put, if you take a life you should forfeit your own. Other people make the case that it is the ultimate sanction, it cannot be undone, what if new information comes to light that an innocent man has been executed?
This argument is actually not as fanciful as it first seems. There are cases where people have been put to death for crimes that they likely did not comit.

Another common theme for the pro Death Penalty camp is the economic one. At face value it makes sence. It does not cost anything to the tax payer once the criminal is dead. Life without parole on the other hand does cost money.

Interestingly enough though, this is one situation where 2+2 does not equal 4. It is more expensive to execute someone than keep them alive.

Most Death Penalty cases take 20 years before the execution happens. During that time a great deal of money is spent directly and indirectly going though the apeals process. The net result, killing someone costs more that keeping them alive.

Another tricky area is how and when to seek the Death Penalty. It is not like dealing with a speeding ticket where X times the miles per hour over the posted speed limit = Amount you owe.

The variables in a Death Penalty case are many. What might work for one jury does not work for another. There is also the very confusing issue, well at least in my eyes of what is called premeditation. It is a simple enough concept, did you plan to kill? Or was it just a spur of the moment thing?

The time factor of premeditation has been argued in many cases. It is easy to understand it when the time involved is years, months, weeks, days, and even hours. It is more complex to deal with when the timeframe is seconds.

It will be interesting to hear the views of the panel. To listen live, please use this link.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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