The quest to prevent international terrorism is very serious. There are no fly lists, there are known centers of terrorist activity, there are no end of people working diligently to monitor the bad actors.

Passports are important, without one it can be tricky to move about. The loophole that Fredrick Forsythe explored in The Day Of The Jackal has been closed. So what is a well heeled terrorist to do?

Well a company in Pakistan has the answer. Become a Hungarian resident for the paltry sum of $300,000. Investment citizenship is hardly new. Canada and the US have done it for decades. If you have a few $million to spare and promise to invest it in the country, much of the icky red tape disappears.

This deal out of Pakistan is even better.


You can get citizenship without all the pesky crap of actually having to visit or live there. Apparently the whole process can be done in two months. Hungary is part of the EU so you have your choice of places to put up your tent, even better , with your new passport you can dodge the issue of needing a visa to travel to most places that you might want to visit.

If you are bored being a drug lord in Mexico, or a disillusioned African despot this could be just the deal for you.

I have never visited Hungary, but I do like the food, art, and music.

What I do not understand is why or how Hungary could permit this activity to go on?

Actually I doubt that Hungary is a willing participant in the whole scheme. It would be more likely that this is a slightly shady deal offered by a Law Firm in Pakistan. The big question I have is should I expose them? I think not. I have no proof that the actual company is guilty of wrong doing, possibly it might be some SEO company offering Spam to increase traffic for the client.

Simon Barrett

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