The kerfuffle of China’s land grabs against it’s Asian neighbors is not the only story that the MSM in the US is ignoring.
This is the photo being ignored in the US Press:

(Pope Benedict XVI waves to the faithful from his Pope-mobile upon his
arrival to conduct an open-air mass service at Beirut City Center
Waterfront September 16, 2012. REUTERS/ Stefano Rellandini)

The big story is the “dog that didn’t bark in the night”: that Pope Benedict just returned alive from Lebanon without any mass murders being committed against him or the half million locals who greeted him or attended his mass.

The LATimes quotes the Pope saying:

“In these troubled times,” the pope said of his trip, “the Arab world and indeed the entire world will have seen Christians and Muslims united in celebrating peace.”

Yes, but if you don’t check the back pages of your newspaper, you might have missed the entire story. Lebanon has a lot of Christians, but it is also run by pro Iranian Muslims, who allowed the trip. And Syria next door is in the midst of a proxy war between Iranian backed government and the Saudi backed mainly Sunni rebels, a group that now is infiltrated with Al Qaeda.

From AlJazeerah:

Benedict, 85, faces a packed schedule in the majority-Muslim country, which will take him from the presidential palace in the Mediterranean seaside capital of Beirut to important Christian towns in the nearby mountains.

He will reach out to the 13 million or more Catholics in Lebanon and the Middle East, asking them to work for peace and democracy alongside moderate Islamists, in a period fraught with fears of a rise of fundamentalism.

and yes, there is such a thing as moderate Muslims.

Despite all the nonsense being written on the embassy attacks, Taheri in the NYPost points out the embassy attacks in Libya and Egypt are by terrorists trying to overthrow the newly elected governments (the film was just an excuse, and if it hadn’t been the film, it would have been something else).

Reuters Africa has this article, from the Libyan team that helped Americans under attack, and helped the US rescue team evacuate those under attack. Yes, the locals helped and the Libyan government allowed the US troops to help in the evacuation. A lot more folks were involved in the fight on the side of the US than you would think from the initial press reports.

So if you live in the US, you should realize that a lot of folks are spinning the story for political purposes, and a lot more are ignorant (although the lack of protection for the ambassador and the slowness of response is a real question: Wired reports a gamer noted suggestions that a major attack was brewing two hours before it started. Did the State Department know that?)

The real danger, by the way, is not redubbed porn films that insult Islam, but the price of bread.Egypt can’t feed itself, and as PJMBarnett points out, what caused Mubarak to fall was not US policy per se but that the price of bread doubled. The good news? The US is the biggest exporter of wheat, and despite the drought has increased it’s yield this year.

So forget the front page stories of the porn protests. The real danger will come when you see food riots. What will make or break the democracies of the Arab Spring is if the governments can keep their radicals under control and the price of food low.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the Philippines.

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