The holidays are here and it is time for all of the Christmas music to come out. Listening to the special Christmas music always puts me in the holiday spirit and I am sure I am not the only one.

I ran across a press release this morning that I truly found interesting. A Christmas song labeled, “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” was written by a man named Randy Brooks back in the 1970’s. Recently Brooks was interviewed and he spoke about how writing and singing this song changed his life.

He says the song contains a little bit of fiction and a little bit of fact. He said, “I always say to people, if you’re going to be a one hit wonder, make it a Christmas hit, cause it’s just incredible the way it keeps coming back.”

According to Brooks the idea of his song came to him when he was listening to a song by Merle Haggard, “Grandma’s Christmas Card.” He said he was thinking that it was a dirty trick to have the audience attached to the beloved member knowing all along that she was bound to die at the end of the song as was the fashion in 1970’s Country Music.

Brooks said, “If Grandma’s going to be dead, tell the listener that, be honest with them in the first line of the song and then see if you can still come up with three verses and a chorus.”

He claims the verse details are drawn from his memories of early childhood holiday experiences with his family. “I thought about my grandmother. She liked her bourbon and every once in a while we worried about her driving home… and she did wear a wig.”

You can go here to read the full length interview with Randy Brooks, who just released a CD called “Randy Brooks’ Greatest Hits” with a collection of funny songs he has penned over the years.

Jan Barrett

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