The “Stew” of coups in The Gambia 8 more poor soldiers to be killed along tribal lines!

By Hammadi Maasinah

Looking at these names tells it all.

The list of arrested soldiers reads as follows:

1/Officer Njumdu Mboge-Mandinka-

2/Staff Sergeant Kebba Touray-Mandinka

3/Staff Sergeant Almamy Touray-Mandinka

4/Second Class Corporal Almamy Camara-Mandinka

All 4 are from Yundum Barracks while the fifth one

5/ Staff Sergeant Alhagie S.M.B. Touray-Mandinka is from the military police at the Fajara Barracks-Bakau.

This is not about brewing the war from a journalistic jar or from the power of literary feathers. This is about revealing the evil intensions of a man we all call a President when he is nothing but an armed bandit. Yahya Jammeh is not and will never be a patriot. When patriotism hears Yahya mentioning it, the word itself shivers. It is so shameful and scary when one sees in the eyes of Gambian hypocrites trying to make a leader out of Yahya Jammeh, who is nothing other than a a muscular monkey playing with arms.

Certainly these developments under the watch of an armed bandit like Yahya Jammeh will serve us its results one day. In The Gambia of today we are witnessing a replica of Hutu/Tutsi tales of horrors gradually germinating. I wish we could help Gambians watch excerpts of the movie HOTEL RWANDA on GRTS. It exactly represents what Yahya Jammeh is doing with the help of his cabinet of killers and cheaters. These are cheaters raping our nation’s political virginity. All we do is stand aside and look while nodding our heads in somber and desperate moods. These names mentioned above speak volumes. Especially when one thinks about what Yahya Jammeh just spewed on the Radio Gambia’s microphones or The GRTS again. He calls UDP/NRP tribalists. He accuses Independent candidates of being unpatriotic traitors. He then orders the PIU to arrest, beat and humiliate Jobe of Njau the people’s choice. The same Yahya the security freak, says he will never unrest in the country? What unrest is more than Yahya Jammeh’s rule? Upon all that Yahya calls the head of the IEC to issue a press release against a humble NAM only to tarnish his image calling the lad an ex convict? This is what some apologists call “Political Strategies”? Strategizing to stratify evil machinations only to remain in power by force? And we stand there attributing this madness to voter turn out in weeks to come? Mr Carayol the shameless old man in spectacles using words like “empirical”. What a shame! No wonder such word befit him. Now how about the latest we heard? On the whole a cabinet secretary of state’s wife is part of the IEC officials. Will that body ever be impartial? The answers is yours. When all hope is lost what stops soldiers from replacing Yahya then? He used the same reason to remove Jawara from power because he stayed the old man was not popular. Now how about an incumbent party he heads seeing 21 of its own stalwarts rushing to stand as independent candidates. Is that popularity?

Threatening independent candidates with a good lesson at HELL TWO?

Can you imagine the current situation in The Gambia? Can anyone separate this boiling magma from being the signals of an active volcano? Anyway of those saying our hearts will continue bleeding because Yahya Jammeh will be here for decades are simply living in drowsy rooms of endless hallucinations. Bleeding hearts? We will see whose going to laugh last? They will realize along the way if social unrest takes permission from dreamers? They will. Is any of these soldiers who have been arrested in a clandestine manner Jola? Are there any? None is. Now read the names as shown herein and tell me or any other Gambian that Yahya Jammeh himself is not the one cooking up a dirty civil war in the country? Listen to his speeches, look at his body language,analyse his actions. Everything in his sad soul reveals a man who wants to be a tribal war-monger. This war will slay him as well. No doubts about that.

The Edward Singhatey factor is another issue within the “Mandinkanized anger” in Yahya Jammeh. Yahya all these past weeks has been trying all he can to tie Singhatey into doing something subversive. He will in the end forcefully cook up a story. Already he has his Jola boys inside the camps working hard with cooked evidence ready to implicate Edward. In this game of betraying his former colleagues apologists say anyone who shuns Yahya is ungrateful? Ungratefulness where Yahya Jammeh is breathing? Who does this cap fit more than Yahya? Who? For those who do not know, Edward Singhatey,Sanna Sabally were the architects of the 1994 coup. Yahya Jammeh had a Renault 4 parked in the bushes ready to flee to Casamance if Jawara was to resist. Yahya was called in to stay put because he was head of the military police then. He was all over the place a few days before the coup bidding farewell saying he was ready to go back to Alabama and hustle. Yahya never prepared for a coup. He loved seeing it go through when he saw the chance of leading a junta. If he was not called to lead Yahya would have been working with Jawara to help apprehend the rest of them if he was to be offered state guard commander. That is, if Jawara was to come back. The army brass knows Yahya Jammeh. He used to be a boy-boy of former NSS officials during Jawara’s time. Yahya Jammeh survives on ‘Jamfaa’. The same Yahya lied against Sonko(the one who read the coup speech in Mandinka). He made the junior officers believe that Sonko,Momarr Cham and other officers were there to lead the military junta. He made these officers believe that Sonko was going to shoot all of them near sand bags at the beach. This is how Yahya gained access to the former state house demler or former president Jawara’s presidential car. He rode it to and from Banjul(dressed in white). This is how he staged a second coup within a coup. He staged the coup through cunning methods. He was scared to the head but used brave men like Sanna to get what he wanted. He was not smart, he was simply using the traditional. Koto syndrome with a person like Edward. We all know what that means in Gambian context. All these days he never slept at the state house because he was told Jawara’s ghosts were powerful. This is why he chose to stay in Kanilai. He did so not because he loves the villagers, he did so because he was told his grand parent’s kapok tree could safe his head from former President Jawara’s spiritual powers! This is the same Yahya Jammeh who vowed to finish Momodou Musa Njie’s family, all potential Mandinkas and Fulas who pose a threat to his regime. This is a taboo subject to be mentioned in the open,however,Yahya Jammeh himself will never dare take a lie detector test on this one. Where is Daba Marenah? Where is Baba Jobe? Where is Sanna Sabally? Where is Lt Lowe? Where is Almamo Manneh? Where is Sergeant Bah? Where is Sheriff Dibba? Where is President Jawara himself? Where is Saikou Sabally? Has he so far rewarded Dr Momodou Manneh? Where is Ousainou Darboe? Where is Hamat Bah? How about men like Lt Binneh Minteh? Where is Lt Alhaji Kanteh? Where is Lt Lalo Jaiteh? In this list count how many Mandinkas or Fulas have been killed,threatened,maimed,or exiled and then come back here. His latest attack towards UDP/NRP is like a witch who was agitated to speak after drinking some charms. We call that ‘jafoor’. There is no doubt in any sane mind that Yahya Jammeh himself is the catalyst of another Rwanda a la Gambian style in the making. We will see his intensions unfolding as time goes on. Once again Yahya’s son Muhammed Jammeh should not regret when he grows up an orphan. That will certainly happen. If Yahya wishes people blood it is not a sin or crime to wish him fuss.

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