Between Easter and Halloween, the holiday gap is pretty wide. Summer is the time for patriotic holidays to shine, giving holiday junkies something to celebrate. The climax of these events is The Fourth of July or Independence Day. As always, both fireworks companies and individuals are getting prepared for the festivities. The food industry must be prepared as well.

The Fourth of July is probably the biggest picnic day of the year. Americans will be loading up on all American foods for their picnic-style feasts. It is projected that Americans will eat about 150 million hot dogs, a third of them with mustard. They will buy 700 million pounds of chicken for more than two pounds per person in the United States which is 40 percent higher than a normal week. Over 190 million pounds of beef will be bough ten in the course of two weeks, more than any other grilling holiday such as Memorial Day or Labor Day. Now that 87 percent of Americans have grills at home, grilling has become much more popular on this holiday. Among their sides, 50 percent of the potatoes used for chips or salad will be those grown from either Idaho or Washington state. For dessert, 5 million gallons of ice cream will be served which is typical for this time of year.

About 41 million people may travel away from home to celebrate the holiday. There, they are bound to see a fireworks show. About $900 million of fireworks were used in the U.S. last year. 250 million pounds were used by individuals and 25 million pounds were used in public displays. Today, more modern explosions are used, some creating shapes and pictures and a lot more color. The Alabama company will be putting on 50 shows in the Southeast this year. A company called Pyro Spectaculars will be putting on 400 shows in large cities such as Boston, Houston, Honolulu, and the largest show in the country, Macy’s in New York City. The plans, preparations, and purchases made to celebrate Independence Day shows that Americans are either really patriotic or really into picnics.

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