It appears that the British news paper Independent has staged a coup of sorts obtaining a  statement from Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry. The statement was apparently smuggled out of his home which is surrounded by dozens of armed police and his phone lines apparently have also been cut. The entire statement can be found here.

Some excerpts

The whole of the judiciary of Pakistan is struggling for the supremacy of the constitution. The Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO)|issued by General Musharraf has been declared a step to interfere in the independence of the judiciary, and therefore a judicial ‘restraining’ order against it had been issued by a seven-member bench of the Supreme Court, which has to be respected and enforced

Up to 13 justices of the Supreme Court of Pakistan have refused to take an oath under the PCO

I and all the judges of the Supreme Court were exercising our jurisdiction in accordance with the law and constitution and are determined to do so in the future

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