So, we have a two year old tot who goes missing, mom Casey Anthony claims that a nanny has run off with her. The name being Zenaida Gonzalez, of course there is no one that fits the description, but this should come as no surprise to anyone that has been following the case. Tot mom Casey does seem to be a little on the strange side. Who would wait 31 days to report your 2 year old daughter missing? I am pretty sure that I would be dialing 911 within minutes of losing my two year old!

Jan and I have been following this case from the time it broke, and every passing day seems to produce yet another piece of pure insanity. The elder Anthony’s George and Cindy come across as completely off the wall. While I may not particularly like bounty hunter Leonard Padilla I do admire the fact that he put time and effort into trying to locate Caylee Anthony, his efforts though were rebuffed by the Anthony clan when it became clear that he was searching for a dead Caylee, not a live Caylee eating ice cream with Zanny the nanny. According to reports Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch, a well respected organization with a long history of helping in missing children cases received an equally cool reception from the Anthony elders when he too seemed to be focusing on a dead body.

Indeed both Leonard and Tim were correct, Caylee was dead, her body bagged like trash and left to rot a few hundred feet from the Anthony home. On the day of the announcement that a body had been found the elder Anthony’s were in California living the high life on someone else’s tab, I will give them credit for cutting short their paid vacation and returning to Florida, however, what did they do when they got back? They booked into the Ritz Carlton hotel and according to reliable reports enjoyed a five star meal. This is hardly what you would expect from grieving grand parents! Even the likely murderer Casey Anthony showed more emotion!

It is the latest piece of Anthony nonsense that really has me riled up. Our illustrious grandparents have decided to set up a new organization to assist in locating missing children, The Caylee Anthony Foundation, and with the assistance of Kidfinders, the Anthony’s are off and running.

Their major acquisition is a $30,000 ‘Batman Boat’. Now how this can possibly help in locating missing children is beyond my imagination! Particularly how it could help living missing kids. The boat looks fun to drive, but how many live missing kids do you find in the water?

There are also claims that the ‘Bat Boat’ has features that not even the high tech search and rescue vessels owned by law enforcement has. Well let me set the record straight on boats. $30k buys a piece of junk. I know the boat business. To equip a boat with the state of the art side scan sonar, GPS, and all of the other modern toys would be at least a $500k adventure. The S.S. Caylee Marie is an absolute joke.

Personally I believe that the $30k supposedly used to buy the ‘Bat Boat’ would have found a much more useful home with someone like Tim Miller.

I am appalled that peoples hard earned money could be wasted on a project like this. Do the Anthony family have no respect for anyone, or for decency?

Simon Barrett

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