Well, the stilettos are already out for Donald Rumsfeld… but in certain quarters (here and here) they were already out and nicely sharpened. The unseemly rejoicing at his departure may come back to bite, seeing that the degree of such expressions of delight are in direct proportion from the actual distance from American Department of Defense.

Because, you see, the troops rather liked Rummy, if my active duty friends of various ranks and services are any indication. He cut through the nonsense, spoke straight from the shoulder, and did not suffer fools gracefully. This might have a lot to do with his unpopularity with fools, of which the upper echelons of the bureaucracy, the political world, and most of all, the mainstream media are stuffed to capacity.

He had no personal ambitions for higher or continuing power, owed no favors, and was determined to wrench the military out of a lamentable tendency to fight the last war but one, and to make the various services more inter-operative. It may be that he seens that job has been accomplished, he has done as much as he could and now it’s time to let someone else walk in front for a while. (more thoughts here)That in persuing reforms, he trampled heavily all over people who were used to having things done in the same old way is quite predictable; also that they might resent it, is also predictable. But when history looks back on him, it may become clear that he backed innovators and creative minds and encouraged them in responding to challenges unheard of by previous secretaries of defense.

Frankly, I can’t recall much about any previous Secretaries of Defense during my lifetime: colorless nonentities and bureaucrats, most of them. THey came and went with hardly a ripple, except for Robert MacNamera. As a wartime Secretary of Defense MacNamera was so heartily loathed by uniformed personnel, that even years after he was gone, the older troops could hardly say his name without spitting.

No, Rummy will be remembered within the lower ranks of the DOD with a great deal more affection than MacNamera ever was. And that fact alone will send the fools utterly spare with frustration.

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“Sgt. Mom” is a freelance writer and retired Air Force NCO who blogs at www.sgtstryker.com, and lives in San Antonio.

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