I have to admit that I love to beat on NBC. Oh I like to beat on all of the network channels but this network stands out. As the Brits would say, they couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery. NBC affiliate WDSU takes the cake today.

Olympic coverage was overshadowed by the guilty verdict brought down on ex New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin. This is fine, a two minute interruption to say that a guilty verdict had been reached, would have been all that was required.

Nope, we are on hour three of boring commentary. I swear that WDSU has a bunch of interns calling people at random to see if they would like to comment on air.

Who cares? I don’t.

But apparently a huge and boring broadcast beats live or taped coverage from Sochi.

What a waste of time!

Finally, WDSU has run out of cranking a two minute story. The Olympic feed is back on. But why spend time showing them when time can be wasted with boring interviews conducted with people you have never heard of?

The Olympics should be a celebration of the young men and women taking part, not a discussion between old farts. NBC would tell me that it wasn’t their fault, oh, except for the tape delay of the opening ceremony, who wants to watch it live? Our audience much prefers a tape delay of 10 hours, It gives us the ability to edit out any icky and boring bits would be the NBC line. Icky and boring, might be the IOC’s head honcho and his remarks about all athletes

IOC president Thomas Bach made a strong statement against “any form of discrimination” and in favor of tolerance. Viewers worldwide heard the statement; NBC viewers in the U.S. did not, because the network edited it out. It was too boring for us in the US.

So, today after 3 hours of mind numbing coverage of the guilty verdict of Ex Mayor Ray Nagin WDSU finally ran out of stupid commentary and switched to the ‘well it was live once’ feed from NBC of what was happening in Sochi.

I was happy for a few minutes, It did not last, WDSU decided at 5pm that the guilty verdict of Ray Nagin took precedence. The whole deal started again. To save time and suffering. Ex New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has been found guilty on 20 of 21 federal charges. I doubt this would surprise many people. The evidence was damning, it would have been news if he had been found not guilty. Get over it, and get back to the Olympics.

Watching the coverage of ‘verdict to be announced soon’ made me cringe. I would have preferred to watch the ‘yet to be announced’ Olympic demonstration sport of ‘the ice fishing and beer drinking biathlon’.

Actually, it sounds fun. Would the contestants be allowed to use a power auger to drill the hole, What brand of beer would need to be consumed, how much, and how long for the event? I rather like this as a team event, the auger team user would also be in charge of hook baiting, and tackle in general. The beer drinker must consume a six pack during the event. The Fisherman needs to catch as many fish as he can. Penalty points handed out for yellow snow.

This in my mind would make for much better TV than what my NBC affiliate WDSU is serving up.

Boring, boring, boring.

Simon Barrett

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