The Sky is Falling so Get Out and Vote!

By David Schussler


Many years ago it was predicted that the Earth’s waters would rise up, that the Earth would crack and change, that war, immorality, crime, sickness, and disease would someday plague our planet. Sound familiar?

During the fifteen hundreds it was recorded that Nostradamus, a French physician, astrologer, and clairvoyant had foreseen the coming of many of today’s maladies that greatly affect mankind. He even predicted that specific events that have proven themselves out would occur at this time. Even our Christian bible, in writings dating back to the time just after the death of Jesus, in “Revelations” states that “…. There was a great earthquake …. She is shaken by mighty winds …. And every mountain and island were moved out of their places …. The mountains and rocks fall upon us …. Men are killed by fire, smoke, and brimstone”. This and much more was all written ( to the best of bible historians’ knowledge) about the times we currently live in. Edgar Cayce, a mystic from the nineteen thirties, predicted via dream state experiences, major geological, economical, social, and spiritual changes for the latter half of the twentieth century, many of which have already occurred. In a recent two day period the news headlines have read, “More Than 80 U.S. Killed in Iraq in Oct.”, “Threats of War From North Korea”, World’s Coral Reefs in Danger”, “Humans Living Far Beyond Planet’s Means”, “Another Congressman Guilty of Unethical or Illegal Practices”, “Thousands are Slain and Starving in Darfur”. These are but a few of the major headlines

that really make me think. “Have we just sat back complacently in our little horns of plenty, or in our little pockets of personal pleasures and problems and allowed this to happen?” Do we always expect someone else to take care of everything for us? If so, what can we do about it now? We may just be little grains of sand in the scope of things but, think about it. Did you ever get a grain of sand in your eye?

All of these prophecies were given to us by prophetic thinkers but it is just common sense really. Those who envisioned a societal bleak future and Earth changes needed only to watch what was happening during their times. Weather patterns were changing, astronomical changes were occurring, and hateful societal wars were occurring in the same areas of the world. For years we have been given the handwriting on the wall. It has not changed. We have been given warnings that if we don’t wake up and exercise our sense of brotherhood and goodness laced with common sense and honesty, we will have to endure the atrocities that have befallen us.

We must treat each other honestly and respectfully and teach our children to do the same, regardless of our positions in life. We must speak out when we believe in something, and act when and if it is necessary on that belief. We must take part in our great government with vote and letter and candidacy whether it be a local school board issue or an international event. We have little to fear in standing up as a majority or minority for what is right and good. If we don’t (as is occurring today in most areas) it is tantamount to surrendering our freedom for unhappiness and slavery to those who would do harm to us and our children for ill gain.

Unlike many people of the world, we are priveledged to live in a republic as a democratic society where every vote counts, so get out and vote! Let’s take back control of our planet and make it, as best we can, the glorious Eden that we were blessed with.

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