The new book  “If I did it”  by O.J. Simpson is garnering headlines in anticipation of its release On November 30th.  An upcoming interview of Simpson on the Fox Television Network is to follow. A number of issues have been raised regarding this book, other than the obvious is it a confession?

When Simpson was found Liable for the Death of Ron Goldman in a civil trial in 1997, eyebrows were raised, a Financial Judgment was determined, and the case slid into the back pages. With the exception of the occasional article about who Mr. Simpson was golfing with, and what Country club chose not to accept him, he stayed out of the headlines. The fact that the Victim’s family was deprived of the financial Judgment got little press, although it has been mentioned recently. Is Harper Collins, or its subsidiary, Regan Books, going to cut Mr. Simpson’s paycheck directly to the Goldman family? Probably not. 

Hopefully the recent headlines will get the attention of those who are unfamiliar with the inner workings of our Criminal Justice System. The attention the system gets usually follows a case or decision where financial or social inequity is blamed for a controversial outcome. Upon close scrutiny, the fact remains that the system is not always fair. The Exclusionary Rule in this country, is what often frees both the innocent and the guilty, when the Justice system fails to act within guaranteed rights or case Law as determined within Federal Circuit Court Jurisdictions. The system does a great job in protecting suspect’s rights, but how well will the civil court system work in getting the Goldman family their Judgment ?  It will not work at all. The inequity in the system in this case will be that the Victim, or his family, is Victimized twice.

 The point the public needs to remember is that in dealing with the Criminal Justice System in this country, we always get the system, but we don’t always get the Justice.



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