Arrest of two Pakistani terrorists in Mysore who had intentions of attacking the Infosys premises highlights the spread of terrorism in India. The incident also indicates that terrorists are now looking at soft targets away from the glare of major cities. Police have also reported that the terrorists have been trained by the Pakistani military. 


While reacting on terrorism recently, General Musharaff had commented …” Do we call LTTE, Hindu Militants?.. Why should we call other terrorists as Muslim terrorists?”. But what many Indians think is that we should perhaps start calling the terrorists as “Pakistani Terrorists” instead because, all the terrorists who attack India are Pakistani trained terrorists. Today even Al Queda head quarters is also situated in Pakistan. 


It is strange that USA still respects Pakistan as an ally in fighting against terrorism. Actually USA is itself losing credibility by its Pro-Pakistani stand where as the real situation is that USA is afraid that if it alienates General Musharaff, Pakistan may hand over its nuclear bombs to the terrorist outfits. USA is therefore under a blackmail from Pakistan in this regard. 


If either Pakistan or Muslims have objection to their identity being tagged onto the word “Terrrorism” then the so called “Silent Majority” in these segments have to raise their voice and oppose all terrorist elements in their community. 


Would it be possible for two terrorists to sneak in from Pakistan and stay in a sleepy town of Mysore for several months planning terrorist activities without the assistance of the local Muslim community? Leaders in the Muslim community in Mysore therefore have an explanation to provide. Had they been a little alert then terrorists could not have planted themselves in Mysore. In this context we should recall that some time back, a plot to throw Bombs in a Hindu religious procession was foiled because a muslim tipped off the Police. In my opinion he should be considered a “Hero” and honored because he showed the courage to stand up against terrorist plots. 


It is this type of people who hold the key to fight against terrorism. If many such persons come up in Pakistan then terrorism can be brought under control. 



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