By Shimon Z. Klein 

A year has past since the Israeli Army moved into Gaza in the Cast Iron Lead Campaign against the Hamas terrorist regime. Hamas was responsible for shelling Sderot and other Israeli towns. They created fear and havoc as well as injuring and killing innocent people. Prior to Operation Cast Lead, Hamas was warned to cease their terror against Israeli citizens but to no avail.

 In the aftermath of this war, Hamas-ruled Gaza was blockaded. Only emergency goods were allowed in and travel in and out of Gaza was severely restricted. Arms smuggling in the tunnels connecting Gaza with Egypt continued. Egypt’s attempts to stop the smuggling were only partially successful.

Accusations against Israel for its treatment of the Palestinian population were quick in coming but no condemnation of Hamas for the terrorist rocket attacks against Israelis in the Negev towns within the green line over the past 8 years. 

One of the outcomes that occurred during the year was the Goldstone Report. This report criticized Israel for its use of disproportionate force against the Palestinian population resulting in the deaths of many innocent people. It did not condemn Hamas for the rocket attacks against the Israeli population in the southern towns in strong terms. The statement of condemnation of Hamas was almost apologetic and unconvincing. While there is no doubt that many innocent Palestinians were killed including children. Perhaps the IDF could have been more cautious when fighting in densely populated areas. Hamas will never hold itself accountable for human crimes against their own people as the Goldstone Report naively suggests in their findings. The chance of Hamas being prosecuted for war crimes against humanity remains zero not to mention their cruel methods of torture against their opponents. 

The suffering of the Palestinian population in Gaza because of the siege is horrendous. The destruction of infrastructure and homes of Palestinians caught up in the crossfire was great. Even a year after the war in Gaza hardly anything had been done to alleviate the tremendous suffering of the Palestinian population because of the war. No reconstruction plans, no rehabilitation and no improvement of living standards have been initiated.  Hamas is responsible for this. It is not in their interest to do anything to alleviate the tragic situation of the Palestinian population. Their emphasis is on rhetoric of racist hatred for Israel and its people as well as provoking Israel into another attack on Gaza. They do not care for the Palestinian population at all. Maintaining Palestinian misery is Hamas’s strength. They are leeches sucking Palestinian blood to feed their fantasies of hate and destruction of Israel.

 Hamas is a curse on the Palestinian People! Their propaganda machine is well oiled and the financial help they get from the evil Ahmadinajad regime has played its part in prolonging their suffering.  Any hope of responsible rule and pragmatism towards Israel is not in the lexicon of the evil Hamas regime. What has Hamas achieved during their rule in Gaza? The results of Hamas rule are plain for all to see. They still believe that they can continue not recognizing Israel, and that Israel’s total destruction remains their goal. They wish to establish a regime of extremist Islamism that is ruled by sharia (Islamic Laws). 

Nothing can be more tragic for any nation than rule based on a fantasy of destroying another nation. This is the only goal that occupies the minds of the Hamas leadership. It is obvious at the mass rallies of stereotypic rhetoric held periodically. The evil Iranian regime that pours funds in propping up the Hamas regime without any consideration for the Palestinian population proves that Iran is just as colonialist as Israel which still occupies the West Bank and does not freeze settlements. The attempts of an uprising in Iran against the evil Ahmadinajad regime proves that Ahmadinajad is an evil dictator who wishes to extend his influence to the Palestinians and their Hamas patrons. He does not care for the Palestinian population any more than he cares for his own people. He is an evil despot who wishes to colonize another people using his new gained nuclear threat as a means to that goal.  

This however does not exonerate Israel of its responsibility for the terrible onslaught of military might on many innocent Palestinians. It would be prudent to lift the siege on Gaza allowing its citizens more freedom. On the other hand, Hamas must come to terms with Israel’s existence, and cease its terror against Israel before the siege can be lifted allowing Gazans the freedom of movement which they deserve. 

The tunnels connecting Gaza with the Egyptian border has become a focus of weapons, goods and even drug smuggling. The racketeers running the tunnels belong to various family clans vying with each other to making large profits out of smuggling – even clashing with the Egyptian forces responsible for maintaining order. 

As usual always the innocent Palestinians suffer because of Hamas intransigence and fantasies of destroying Israel.  

In Iran, the people are rising against the evil Ahmadinajad regime. Eventually they will succeed. If the Palestinian population would rise up against the evil Hamas regime and establish a democratic, responsible government in its place, the siege on Gaza would be lifted allowing Gazans to re-establish their dignity and improve their economic situation.

Those who support lifting the siege on Gaza without supporting the downfall of Hamas are doing a great disservice to the Gazans who are suffering immense and indescribable hardships. They are strengthening the Hamas positions against peace, coexistence and a just solution to the Israeli – Palestinian Conflict. They are supporting the Islamist terrorist groups who are abusing human rights of Palestinians under their evil parent organization -Hamas. 

Hamas is a cancer in Palestinian society! They will destroy the Palestinian People by prolonging a fantasy of hate for Israel, the Jewish people, western democratic values and basic human rights. Hamas has a manifesto closely resembling that of Nazi Germany. Its ideas on race hatred are no different.  

Inshallah! The day will come when the Palestinian people will rise against the evil Hamas regime and have their personal freedom restored so that they can take their place amongst the world of nations in dignity. 



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