As I wrote in an earlier column, Rep. Gordon Hintz of the Wisconsin Legislature is pursuing an ill-advised course of action. Rather than introduce sensible consumer protections via reasoned legislation for payday lending, he wants to kill the industry, along with over 3,500 jobs.

I’ve never understood why anyone would want to treat dandruff by decapitation, but apparently that is Rep. Hintz’s method of dealing with something he doesn’t like….or understand.

So I decided to look at his voting record and see whether he was just confused about the facts, knew someone who had a bad experience with payday loans, or is simply not concerned with the average citizen in Wisconsin.

Seems like it’s the last option.

AB 151 (2008): Voted to allow college students who are convicted of serious drug offenses to continue receiving financial aid. Apparently, Job Killer Hintz feels that if a college student makes or distributes drugs, they should continue to get financial aid. I’d rather it went to a low-income student who actually had potential to become a solid member of the community.

AB 901 (2008): Voted to deny benefits for the treatment of those diagnosed with autism.
Not much needs to be said here. Guess Job Killer Hintz doesn’t care about treating autistic kids.

AB 770 (2008): Voted to deny a 5% state tax credit for companies conducting research in biotechnology and silviculture (forest growth). This is akin to killing jobs, because that tax credit could be used to hire more people.

AB 623 Am. (2008): Voted to allow Wisconsin to continue making investments in any country deemed by Congress to be engaging in genocide. So let me get this straight — Job Killer Hintz wants to put lenders out of business because he believes consumers are being ripped off, yet he’ll permit taxpayer money to support genocidal goverments. Sounds like misplaced priorities.

But we shouldn’t be surprised. Job Killer Hintz has it in for the small businessman in Wisconsin. It’s so bad that in 2007-2008, Hintz was given a rating of 20 out of 100 by the Wisconsin National Federation of Independent Business, ” the nation’s largest advocacy organization representing small and independent businesses…NFIB is a melting pot of commercial enterprise; high-tech manufacturers and family farmers, neighborhood retailers and service companies”. Rating of other groups that support business gave him only slightly higher ratings. Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce campaigned against him.

Indeed, by killing over 3,500 jobs, the following organizations should seek to remove Rep. Job Killer Hintz from their membership rolls, because he has demonstrated that he wants to hurt small business: Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce, Oshkosh Diversity Council
, Oshkosh Downtown Rotary
Member, and the Oshkosh Rotary Club.

He should resign his position on the Job, Economy & Small Business committee. Why would Wisconsin want a Job Killer like Hintz on that committee?

It’s unfortunate that Job Killer Hintz is just another politician. I sent him several Emails showing why payday loans are beneficial to Wisconsin residents when used responsibly. He’s never replied, short of a single sarcastic missive.

But Job Killer Hintz is apparently very good at dodging question. According to Project Vote Smart, “Assembly Member Gordon Hintz repeatedly refused to provide any responses to citizens on the issues through the 2008 Political Courage Test when asked to do so by national leaders of the political parties, prominent members of the media, Project Vote Smart President Richard Kimball, and Project Vote Smart staff”.

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