I am not much of an alcohol drinker and this morning, while shaving the hair off my tongue and palpating my liver through two layers of clothes, I remembered why I felt that way. But, last night was a lot of fun. I was with several foreigners who own successful businesses in China and all of them speak Chinese. Their abilities have served them well here. And last night, about the time I began to sound like I had just had a novocaine injection, they could still order food—and of course more beer. These guys were “China Hands” before being a China Hand was cool. They knew the language before it became the lingual soup of the day. According to an older article by Daniel Gross over at Slate, Chinese proverbs, like the ones I often use in blog posts, are all the rage now as is studying Chinese. CHINAISMS China’s tremendous growth (10.9% the first half of this year!) has CEOs and movie stars chanting Chinese in place of the Japanese bits of wisdom that are now horribly out of fashion and likely to put you into a relational recession. You do not need to plant your pretty bum in Yak Butter, you just need a daily reading of this blog. One of the CEO’s last night told a true story of his arduous climb up to a mountain monastery to visit an allegedly enlightened monk. When he finally arrived the grasshopper who answered the door announced that the monk was “off duty.” Well, he can go spiritually off-line and this blog will still be here as your virtual Himalayan Dharma shack (great name for a blog…) whenever you need it Because a lean dog shames its master* I now feel obligated to help make you trendy and popular so you don’t get metaphorical sand kicked in your face by mandarin mad big shots in the corporate world. You too can have the power of the proverb. And it won’t cost you $299.99. It will be free for the next seven days and beyond. You too can speak like a Sandra Day O’Connor, Micheal Eisner or Glenn Clos and sound like you spent a year in a Yunnan Monastery with “on-duty” and really talkative monks. And because you will be well informed on China culture as a regular here you will be able to tell a Buddha’s Mouth from a Snake’s Heart (佛口蛇心)** in a Beijing minute! Stay tuned for more virtual fortune cookies! **佛口蛇心: Beware the Person with a Buddha’s Mouth and a Snake’s Heart

By Lonnie Hodge @ OMBW 

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