One part of the “War on Terror” that is hidden in plain sight is the jihadi cyberwar.

Want to see Daniel Pearl beheaded? It’s on the net. Heck, the Abu Sayyaf group, who a month ago beheaded seven innocent road workers here in the Philippines, got their recruiting video on You Tube. Want to learn about the latest Zionist conspiracy? It’s all there….tons of anti American/ anti Semetic/ pro jihadi hate speech.
But it’s not just propaganda that gets on the net.

Want to learn how to make a pipe bomb? Car bombs? You name it…
While  MOVEON and the KOS kids are busy using the internet to destroy Bush (rhetorically speaking), those seeking to destroy them (literally speaking) have a free reign on line for their propaganda:LINK

Chen said terror-related websites are often every bit as sophisticated as U.S. government websites and patrolling this virtual battleground is a job that gets bigger every day.Dr. Chen adds, “I think that’s the most scary part of now, the past year or two, that there’s not enough counter-message on the internet to this target audience. Just not enough, and the world event is not helping, the war in Lebanon and war in Iraq.”

The Cyberwar’s second front is using the internet to coordinate attacks, and to attack it’s enemies in cyberspace.Presumably the US Government is on top of all of this…which makes us all feel safe in our beds at night, especially when we find their computers don’t talk to each other.

This is where the “Dark Web” laboratory comes in:

But today’s Belmont Club has a “headsup” about money from the National Science Foundation going to University’ of Arizona’s Artificial Intelligence Lab.

The description is HERE:

The Internet can be conceptualized as a public space with many dark corners, where terrorists can plan and execute attacks. The Dark Web project at the University of Arizona’s Artificial Intelligence Lab is working to find, catalogue and study these virtual places where terrorists and extremists operate.

If you read into the gobblygook, they aren’t just hacking onto the jihadi sites: what they are doing is like the guys in “NUMB3RS”: using complicated mathematics to figure out the links, and then doing a “Headsup” to the guys in the government.
Jihadi sites are all over, in multiple languages and multiple sites, and often change their location. Quite complicated figuring out who’s who and who’s talking about what to whoever, and breaking into their sites may open your own computer to worms and viruses.

TheDarkNetBlog says that it reminds him of his novel… The Dark Net…about” the 5% of the Internet (that) is hidden from view – that’s the Dark Net. It’s a haven for criminals, spies, and nefarious hackers…”

And before you hyperventillate about privacy rights, remember: A lot of this stuff is posted in plain sight, in public chat rooms…

The final danger of cyber war is meltdown of the internet. Black Hat stuff that is way beyond me. Last week, the Chinese did a cyber attack against the Pentagon…and almost all government computers are vulnerable to such attacks…DHS…IHS…Social Security…your medical records…everything from identity theft to trade secrets to finding the layout of nuclear power plants is available on line, if you know where to look for it.
This type of hacking could extend to taking down the internet, such as Russia’s cyber attack that shut down the Estonian internet a couple months ago, or the hacking of Osama’s latest video release.
So the war on terror continues, but a lot of the things going on are “below the fold” and don’t excite a MSM that stresses only Brittney Spears, negative polls, and the latest car bombs.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket. 

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