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With the 2006 election only two weeks away, the news media has already predicted a winner: the Democratic Party. They base their predictions partly on polls results from professional polling organizations and partly on a burning desire to see President Bush loose control of the House and Senate . . . not that he has that much control, at least on the Senate side, since John McCain started the current Republican rebellion.

The best scenario for GOP Conservatives is, of course, a big enough win so that they retain control of at least one or preferably both legislative bodies; the House and Senate. If indeed they do win that big, they will say (correctly so) that it proves that the media and the polling organizations are delusional and driven by desire rather than facts.

The second best scenario for the GOP Conservatives would be a strong showing by the “Blue Dog Coalition.” The media never says much about the Blue Dog Democrats but they are already a pretty powerful force on the Democratic side of the House of Representatives and with 16 more Democrats running for House seats with “Blue Dog” endorsements, they may get even more powerful.

What is the “Blue Dog” Coalition? Its a group of 37 Conservative Democrats (No! That is NOT an oxymoron!) in the House of Representatives who vote together to try to moderate some of the more extreme Liberal impulses of their fellow Democrats. That is the reason that an increase in their numbers, assuming the media is correct about the coming Democratic landslide victory on Nov. 7th, would be the GOP’s second best scenario; with a Blue Dog win, the Conservative GOPers stand to have a large block of Democrats who will tend to vote with them on some important legislation.

An article in last Sunday’s Fort Worth Star Telegram takes a look at what they see as the almost certain post-November 7th power shift, analyzes what it might mean and quotes some of the very confident Blue Dogs. (This is one of the relatively few mainstream media references to the Blue Dog coalition you will find.)

What really happens post-November 7th is, of course, a complete unknown. In the past, opinion polls have been disastrously wrong and the mainstream news media’s recommendations to voters have been ignored in droves; but if they are right this time, the Blue Dogs may keep Conservative Republicans a force to be reckoned with and may keep the House at least, away from some regressive (from their point-of-view) liberal legislation.

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