Hypothetically, Cobra, What If?

I received this rather thought provoking piece from TJ Hart, and I have to concur with his thinking – Simon

Private investigator William “Cobra” Staubs calls me nearly every day with something or another on the many cases he’s working.

The number of cases he’s working has dwindled a bit now that he is facing charges of false imprisonment of an alleged sex offender in Putnam County during his independent search for Haleigh Cummings.

Staubs has brought in over 8,000 people to law enforcement without a problem until now. But why is he behind the 8 ball in Putnam County and why now?

Hypothetically, Cobra, What if…….?

What if an out-of-town independent investigator came into this missing child investigation and started kicking up the dirt?

What if an out-of-town independent investigator had “apparent authority” and the paperwork in-hand to take in an alleged capital sex offender after the man had been causing trouble near kids at the Haleigh Bug Center in Satsuma?

What if an out-of-town independent investigator had his case on false imprisonment charges passed over once by the state attorney’s office?

What if an out-of-town independent investigator had those charges made to stick only after allegedly angering some who are involved in this case along with an assistant state attorney by asking a rather embarrassing or possibly offensive question?

If what if any of these things this out-of-town independent investigator says is true, what needs to be done?

TJ Hart

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