The Scale of Michael is Overloading!
By Yanks Darboe

Post-Graduate Law Student!

LondonMichael Scales may I courteously borrow one of your Scales to weigh your understanding of your own language; English. You have got it all twisted and god knows how far off-track you are getting yourself to. You claimed you were I quote: “defending a newly re-elected Leader of a Sovereign Democratic Country…” Who told you Yahya Jammeh was re-elected? And who told you Gambia is democratic?  What you don’t know; and what you really need to know is that Yahya Jammeh is a tyrant. Tyrants do not get re-elected nor do they head a democratic country.  Few days ago; you, Michael Scales, acknowledged this fact in your own vivid account of what you have witnessed on April 10th 2000 students demonstration in the Gambia; where 13 students lost their lives. Do you meant to fool me that in a democratic country students get kill for expressing their views in the same way that you want to express your views with me?

Mr Scales I warned you that “defending the indefensible is a criminal act”. Yet you think I am wrong to say that truth. As you rightly put it, Mr Scales; I am an aspiring lawyer. Therefore, I will prove to you that in England, the country of your birth; it is a contempt of court to try to defend someone by defenceless means, in order to vindicate that person from their guilt. Read the law on Contempt of Court Act 1981 and the Common Law definition of contempt of court. You will find out that if this was a trial of Yahya Jammeh under Common Law system, which applies in the Gambia, you are really a very bad criminal. Since, you are trying to portray a Mongolian monster as a Jews prophet.

Besides you were not just a criminal, but a very arrogant old man as well. For you had the temerity to tell us, that from Kartong to Koina in the Gambia, you could not see a single Gambian who can make a better substitute to Yahya Jammeh. This is an insult to the Gambian intellects; and I hope you understand that you were very callous in implying such references. In case you want to deny this; I have copied and pasted for you, what you wrote in your letter to freedom-newspaper dated April 5th.

This is what you wrote:

Despite every effort made to discredit President Jammeh by online agencies..not one shread of evidence has ever been produced. It is either heresay or inuendo.His only crime is his popularity with the ordinary people of his nation.For which he is constantly challenged by old alliances and feudal tribalism.I have asked this question many many times….if he wasnt there….what would you replace him with.?” 

“We would replace him with a plank of wood; for a plank of wood would do us less harm and embarrassment of lies than that, which Jammeh is drowning us into”.

Remember this was my respond.

Mr Scales; You admitted that the Gambians are very nice to you; well don’t take our kindness as our weakness. Yahya Jammeh is one of us, if there is any one to love him more cannot be other than us. The reason why we hate him is because he is a dim-wit and a wag mouth liar. Who from your own diagnoses of HIV and herbal medicine, you seem to know more about the cure to Aids than the sorcerer (Jammeh) claiming to have found its cure.

In addition, Mr Scales; I find you very pompousical in your writings; you keep bragging about having records at the British government, god knows which part of the British government is this. Mr Scales, for your information, you are not the British Government and the British Government has more records on Yahya Jammeh than you know about Yahya Jammeh. You should also know that I worked for the British Government; Her Majesty’s Court Services (HMCS), which is part of the Department of Constitutional Affairs, soon to be changed to Ministry of Justice. So which government department are all your financial transactions and your trading documents kept.

For your ancestral history with the Tudors, King Henry the 8th; I do not remember asking you to tell me this; however, in your pomposity you wanted me to know that you are from the great noble men of England. Yet you had me puzzled; whether you were really related to the Tudors, or is it just another overloading of your scales.

Queen Elizabeth I, was the last Tudor royalist to rule England; and she died in 1603. King James VI and I succeed him to the throne and became the first king to rule the United Kingdom, he died in 1621 and was not a Tudor in fact he come from the Stuart or Stewart family name in Scotland. It took another 21 years later in 1642 when Cromwell and his revolutionists took power from King Charles I and lasted for only 18 years before King Charles II was reinstated.

So you had me confused; when you tried to relate events of two different centuries as one. Michael; is this truth that your ancestors were cousins to the Tudors (Henry VIII, 1509- 1547); or is this another moment of your Scale overloading. If not, I could not see your account of events to be realistic. You claimed your lineage is from the cousins of King Henry VIII, who died in 1547. When Henry died, his three children: Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I; succeeded each other to his throne up till 1603; then the Tudors were finished. What happen to your family lineage then and its relationship to the Tudors? Did it disappear until, Sir Scale (with no name) emerged to defend the Stewart King; Charles I in 1642.

Therefore, Michael: tell me at which moment did your ancestral land and titles were stripped from your forefathers? Is it when the Tudors were finished in 1603 or when Cromwell came to power in 1642? Mr Scales; stop bragging here; I hope you don’t you don’t fool yourself that there is no educated Gambians on freedom newspaper!  The Windsor’s’ are the royals of the UK, at presents, not the Scales.

On your other claim, Mr Scales; I have never confirmed that Dr Saja Taal Knows You; so I don’t know where you have been reading to find that one, but it certainly was not my writing. See below, for what you claimed to be what I said and contrast it to what I really said; then you will realise that you owe me an apology; Mr Englishman!

This is what you claimed that I have written!

Your confirmation that Dr Taal knows me is also bourne out by Government papers held by both our Governments.He has never said he dosnt know me ..only that he cant remember me”. Michael Scales.

Now contrast it to what I have really written!

“On the other hand, I do concur with Scales that he had met Dr Saja Taal, and he had told him the stuff he claimed. I must tell Scales, even I met Saja Taal sometime back, but if you ask him, at present, he will deny ever meeting me. Scales should not worry much about Musa Jorbateh; the man is looking for promotion from Saja Taal; just as Saja does for Jammeh! They are all scumbags!” Yanks Darboe

So, Mr Scales; where is your head at?

Yanks Darboe

Post-Graduate Law Student!


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