Jennifer Wilbanks, the infamous runaway bride in 2005, has filed a lawsuit against former fiance John Mason.  The couple became famous when the bride to be mysteriously disappeared four days before their extravagant wedding.  She surfaced some time later in New Mexico, and claimed her disappearance was due to an abduction.  She also claimed she was a victim of sexual assault.  She later recanted her story and admitted she fled for personal reasons.  She eventually pleaded no contest, and was sentenced to two years probation for telling police a phony story. 

The victim of her selfish antics wasn’t the police however, it was her fiance and his family, as well as her own family.  What have these victims received for the turmoil she put them through?  While undergoing hospitalized treatment (for she obviously had some mental problems) she granted John Mason power of attorney to negotiate the sale of their story to a New York publisher.  He managed to negotiate a deal worth $500,000.  Wilbanks claims she never received a penny. 

In her lawsuit filed on September 13th of this year, she seeks her half of the publishing deal ($250,000) and another $250,000 in punitive damages for alleged abuse of the power of attorney. 

In all fairness, she’s entitled to her half of the money regarding the publishing deal, for if not for her crazy and stupid antics, there would be no publishing deal.  As far as punitive damages are concerned, she should receive NOTHING!  Imagine the damages she caused John Mason and his family when she disappeared without a trace.  Did he receive any compensation for these actions?  Not unless he can consider their permanent break-up in May a reward of any kind.  She wasn’t punished for her actions; therefore, neither should he. 

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