Evidence that the Ron Paul campaign received a donation from a Neo-Nazi White Supremacist is reported a bit breathlessly by the Lone Star Times. While it is news, is it the earth-shattering scoop the anti-Paulistas will spin it into?

From the Lone Star Times:

[a] contribution to the Paul campaign by a known white-supremacist has been identified.

The evidence is as follows:

* Black proudly and openly identifies himself as Stormfront’s guiding hand, and publishes a contact address on the Internet– PO Box 6637, West Palm Beach, FL, 33405
* A search by LST of public databases indicates that there is only one “Don Black” residing in West Palm Beach, Florida, zip code 33405
* A 7/16/01 USA Today article identifies Black’s wife as being named “Chloe”
* That same article identifies Chloe as being the ex-wife of close Black associate and former “Grand Wizard” of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke
* Minutes of a 9/7/07 City of West Palm Beach code-compliance hearing identify “Chloe H. Duke” as owning a residential property located at 203 Lakeland Drive
* According to Federal Election Commission records, on 9/30/07 the Ron Paul presidential campaign received a $500 contribution from a Mr. Don Black, who lists his address as 203 Lakeland Drive and identifies his occupation as “self-employed/website manager”

In light of these facts, we believe our previously asked questions continue to have merit.

One sympathizes with anyone in the news business: in this age of instantaneous communication, any news is old news in a matter of minutes. Any digging up of facts not previously known is an achievement.

Opponents have tried to attach the pro-Nazi label to the Paul campaign for some time now. Paul should be held to no higher or lower standard than other candidates: they have all had donations from groups or individuals who espouse a variety of disagreeable views. That’s America: one’s free to donate to whomever one wishes.

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The Ron Paul Campaign and the Don Black Contribution

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