I got another one today.  Yep, a fat little envelope from the Republican National Committee.  Asking for money, of course.  Along with it came a cover letter with information that I have known for years regarding the sinister plans of the democrats and what will happen if we don’t stop them.   Tell me something I don’t know, please!   And this is the 2nd one I’ve received in a month!  I threw this most recent one in a stack with the previous ones.   I suppose I’ll try to scrape up a few bucks to send these poor, pathetic, pandering fools.  My heart really bleeds for them wondering if they have anything left that resembles self-esteem.  Resorting to begging and pleading like some poor panhandler hefting a cardboard sign, “will politic for food” in tattered Salvation Army apparel.  Sadly, it’s the only strategy they have left!  The exact same strategy that the poor vagabond on the street uses,  hoping to appear so pitiful that you’ll feel compassion and empty your spare change into their upturned palm. 

I sat staring at the envelopes wondering what something like this might have cost.  Sent out to millions of people.  The printing, the software involved, the maintenance of the database and manpower, etc.  The expense must be very high.  What a waste of valuable resources that could have been used for more productive, positive and informative purposes.   You know this is almost like a failed relationship.  A “former” friend who recently made it abundantly clear to you, with a vote of no confidence, that they wanted to strictly limit future encounters.  And you weren’t sure why.  [kind of like this relationship between the Republican Party and the conservative Base]  If you were the spurned friend wouldn’t you want to at least sit down and pen  a sincere, personal letter asking them why?  Posing a few questions in order to get a better understanding as to why the relationship went south?  Wanting to recover the relationship?  Seems a no-brainer to me.   Certainly you wouldn’t send them a letter begging for money. That would be like rubbing salt in the wound and would be downright weird.  A strong indication that the sender had some real “issues” which might require professional counseling. 

So, the RNC has these real “issues”.   They have not even the slightest interest in trying to understand why the waning support for the party.   They simply don’t think in terms of using that fabulous mailing database to reach out and touch their former supporters.  Oh, certainly they’ll occasionally include a very short survey with rigged, carefully crafted “safe” questions that most right thinking people would answer in only one way.  That survey being attached to another “plea” for money in order to coax a bit more out of us.  And we never see the compile,  analyzed results of these surveys, do we?  Which can only mean that once the money was fished from the envelope, the rest was, most likely, contemptibly tossed in the trash.

So the RNC has the know-how, the tools and the ability to reach us. Individually!  Isn’t that amazing?  They can and do easily communicate directly with all of us. But not for the purposes of gaining knowledge.  Only for bumming more money.    Large, successful corporations value feedback from their customers and employees.  They mail or email their customers and/or employees a PIN number which gives them access to a website.  On that website is an exhaustive, comprehensive, in depth questionnaire/survey covering all aspects of all issues within that company regarding the company’s products/services.   Once the survey is completed/returned, experts analyze the results and report to top management.   You see, in business factual data is an important tool that helps keep them competitive in the market.  Knowing what level of service and product sophistication their customers are desiring.  They have to stay mindful of the wants of their customers.

But not the RNC.  They continue to demonstrate that they care nothing for what the conservative Base thinks.  Instead they turn to their manipulative pollsters, their inept strategists and all manor of advisers and consultants who have their own biased agendas.  Nope.  No exhaustive questionnaire for conservative voters covering all aspects of all issues such as The GWOT,  the Geneva Convention(s),  immigration,  illegal immigration,  environmental radicalism, the man made global warming hoax,  domestic trade, international trade, the never ending trade deficit,  GATT and its evil offspring the WTO,  the UN,  world opinion, the diminishing influence of the U.S. Constitution, etc, etc.    And no gathering together of  the best and most enlightened conservative minds to analyze the results of said questionnaire once completed and returned.  Obviously they think we hayseeds out here in flyover country just don’t have sufficient or sophisticated knowledge of these issues to be able to adequately contribute to the discussion/debate.  

Oh I can hear the skeptics, “Unnecessary!  We have pollsters and other experts.  We know what the Base wants.  We have our finger on their pulse”.    Yes, and how has that been working for you, knucklehead?   No, the only reason to oppose a sincere, meaningful and substantial outreach from the RNC toward the Base is that the findings  might upset the status quo.  Can’t have that.    And there is another dark secret not spoken of in public.  The GOP Hierarchy might now have to confront and deal with something that they’ve known for some time; the extreme hostile opposition that exists between the Conservative Base and traditional corporate donors to the GOP.  Leaders with moral courage, like Ronald Reagan, would have no problem with a dilemma such as this.   Without question or hesitation  – loyalty to the Voters.   But, as I once again examine this little envelope from the RNC, I have no doubt what route they’d take (and have taken).  They’d go for the money.   Darvin Dowdy

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