Many people who used to rely on landlines for their phone calls will know that one of the things that they often had to deal with was nuisance phone calls. This is not to say that these were malicious calls from people but rather calls from businesses trying to sell something or for some other reasons. Cold calling used to be all the rage in years gone by and this is why so many people used to be inundated with calls out of the blue.


These days, of course, people use their landlines far less and have turned instead to mobile phone technology for their communications. However, unfortunately, this has done very little to stop the plethora of nuisance calls that people receive on a daily basis. In fact, with companies such as PPI companies and marketing companies now joining the ranks of double glazing sales people and the like, some people are experiencing even more of a problem with nuisance calls.


For those that use both a landline and a mobile phone, it seems that there is no getting away from these calls because companies have ways and means of finding out your numbers and can catch you whether you are at home, work, or out and about. Of course, there are tools that you can use in order to try and reduce this problem such as the robocall blocking app amongst others. This can go some way toward easing the pressure from these callers. However, it can become very frustrating and annoying when you have to handle one nuisance call after another regarding services that you have no interest in at all.

You can also list your number as private or have it unlisted, as this could go some way toward helping to reduce the number of nuisance calls. However, as mentioned before companies have ways and means of finding phone number details so there is little chance that it will stop the calls coming through altogether. It is not just nuisance calls from live people that people are plagued with these days. Many are also fed up of receiving robocalls and even text messages on their mobiles.

In fact, the Federal Communications Commission has highlighted the fact that these types of nuisance calls and texts are amongst the top problems that they see when it comes to consumers. The FCC receives huge numbers of complaints with regards to this problem and has been taking action to try and put an end to these types of calls. However, in the meantime, many people are looking at ways in which they can handle the problem by themselves through the use of blocking apps and other tools.

Of course, another worry is that the calls being received may be fraudulent and the FCC has brought in new powers recently that allow service providers to block certain robocalls that could be perceived as being fraudulent because of the phone numbers that they are generated from.

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