As the world continues getting access to smartphone technology and an affordable mobile internet connection, the betting industry is growing exponentially. That has been the case all over the globe since betting came to the digital world. As a result, online sportsbooks, casinos, poker rooms, and lotteries have given punters the convenience of betting from anywhere at any time without visiting a land casino.

This article takes an in-depth look at the rise of online smartphone betting while showing you why this type of betting will continue gaining notable popularity in the coming years.

How Smartphone Betting Gained Popularity

In general, the rise of mobile betting can be traced to greater smartphone exposure, improved mobile technology and the spread of Wi-Fi networks. Today, it’s almost impossible for the average person not to own a portable device that can access the internet. , people today use their smartphones more often than they use their desktop computers.

While the desktop iGaming experience offers convenient and quality betting, mobile betting has taken over the gambling industry. That’s particularly evident in the sports betting market, with over 70% of sports punters placing their wagers on mobile bookies such as Betway88. Even better, several leading casino operators are offering mobile betting, including Ladbrokes, 888sport, and Bet365, among others.

Sports betting brands have also started adapting to the players’ behavior. As more players continue using mobile apps to place wagers instead of using their laptops to access sites like, smartphone gaming technology continues improving every year. The UKGC notes that though this growth has been there for years, the first notable big jump happened in 2017.

In 2017, the percentage of smartphone online gamblers increased to 39% from 10% in 2016. The proportion of online gamblers who had ever bet on the tablets or smartphones reached 51% in 2017, about 8% higher than the previous year.

Today, bookies are trying everything within their power to stay up to date with the latest mobile trends as smartphone betting is now big business. The best digital sportsbooks on the market are managing to stay ahead of their game by integrating mobile payment options, using GPS technology for live betting, and offering exclusive mobile promotions.

Why Mobile Betting Has Grown In Popularity

If you like to place wagers on your smartphone in your free time, then you can already think of a number of reasons why mobile betting is popular. Top reasons will include:


The convenience of betting from anywhere with your smartphone is the to[p reason why most people choose to wager through mobile apps. It doesn’t get better than having your favorite sportsbook in your pocket.

In-play betting made smooth

With a mobile betting app, in-play betting is a breeze as you place a wager at the right moment within a few seconds. In-play betting has become very important to many punters, making the feature big business in the online betting scene.

Swift money transfer by phone

Loading money in a betting account through your mobile phone is swift, easy, and painless. There are several methods you can deposit cash in your mobile bookie, including mobile payment systems, eWallets, debit cards, credit cards and cryptocurrencies.

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