I spent some time to explore what was popular on my Facebook account. I looked at 24 hours of traffic. I’d love to say that it is all harmless fun, but it is not.

There were zero pro Trump posts. Rather the idea seemed to be to pick on his enemies, the Democrats. This should come as no surprise that there was little and usually no truth in the memes. It took little research to prove the ‘fact’ was false. But that doesn’t matter any more. Trump has ushered in the Post Truth Era. If you don’t like the truth, just make your own up.

Here are the treasure trove, and remember this was just 24 hours on my Facebook news feed.I don’t have a huge number of followers on facebook, but I do find it interesting that all of the hate came from the right. Even stranger, none or very little of the propaganda came from the left.

“I thought Facebook was stopping this kind of hate?” I hear you say. Well yes it sort of is, one of my more virulent stain of posters offered this.


Sure I have heard of the Alt-Left, according to some they are even more despicable than the Alt-right movement.

I make no bones about my political views, I am lean left of center. The last 2 years have seen a retreat from the world stage, China, Russia, and to an extent the EU are rushing to fill the void.

Today the worst job’s figures in over a decade were posted. 20,000 jobs were filled in February. GDP as slowed into the 1% arena, and the trade deficit is at a 10 year high.

Here is what I do not understand, 30% of the population like the guy. so 70% do not like him.  It doesn’t seem what he does, paying off porn stars, grabbing women by the P****,



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