I see the anti Asian mafia have a new scalp on their belts, with the conviction of an Indian born student for a “hate crime” and invasion of privacy.

But lost in the homophobia meme of the politically correct is a question: Do students have the right to privacy in one dorm’s room? Because in this case, there were two students in the room, and they both had rights to privacy.

The right to privacy in this case was assumed to allow a roommate wants to be alone with a sexual partner, but not the right for his roommate to object to his doing so.

In this case, Ravi’s rights were ignored.

The court even denied he has the right to worry about theft if one’s roommate invites a stranger into one’s room (a stranger who didn’t even know the gay student’s name until he saw his “friend” killed himself in the newspaper). Ergo, the court denied the webcam was there to guard against theft. Voila, an “invasion of privacy”.

Yet, was Ravi’s claim that he worried about crime absurd?
Not according to The DailyBeast, Rutgers comes in number three in the most dangerous college campuses in the USA.

Total enrollment: 11,501

Criminal Incidents (most recent 3 calendar years):

Murders: 1
Negligent Homicides: 0
Forcible Rapes: 28
Non-forcible Rapes: 0
Robberies: 42
Aggravated Assaults: 24
Burglaries: 387
Car Thefts: 95

Arsons: 19

These statistics are probably much too low, since many crimes are not reported to the campus authorities.

Yes, I’m sorry that the so called “gay student” killed himself, but I wonder about claims he did so because he was so sensitive to being publicly “outed”. No one seemed to notice that actually, he “outed” himself: if you bring a scruffy older man into your thin walled dorm room, why would you think everyone in the dorm assumes you are sitting around crocheting doilies?

But gays aren’t the only ones bullied in this world.

You want bullying? Try being a scholarship student who actually spends time studying in a “party school”.

Try being a member of a despised religious or ethnic minority in a school where having sex and taking drugs is normal, and you refuse to do either.

South Asian and East Asian students are commonly bullied too: and not because of race per se but because they are perceived by others to be studious, serious, and hard working. That is why Asian students can be harassed and beaten up in inner city high schools by gangs,  but it is not considered a hate crime. And, of course, Asian students are commonly discriminated against by college admission committees.

Rutgers put out a letter claiming

Rutgers is a community that is extraordinarily proud of its diversity and the respect its members have for one another. In fact, we have just launched a two-year dialogue focusing attention on civility in the context of one of the most culturally and racially diverse research universities in the nation

But what Rutgers is not doing is protecting the rights of students of faith, or students from conservative Asian and African societies, or even the rights of students who want to study quietly in their room, but can’t because their roommate is having sex, getting drunk, partying or getting high…or all of the above.

So welcome to the new McCarthyism, where if you even think that a behavior which was immoral or illegal 50 years ago might be wrong, you are castigated for hate.

I repeat again: This trial was not about a troubled young man taking his life. It was not about bullying. It was a witch hunt. It was about silencing anyone who dares to say promiscuity is not morally acceptable, and if it wasn’t Clementi, the activists would have found another “victim” as their poster child.

“Clementi’s death inspired a nationwide anti-bullying movement that has drawn support from everyone from Lady Gaga to President Obama, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry.” New Jersey lawmakers also joined the anti-bulling movement by enacting the toughest anti-bullying laws in the Nation, and mandating The Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act. Under the new laws, most public school teachers, administrators and other employees must be trained to spot, investigate and/or report or address bullying that occurs on and off school grounds or face discipline.

Oh yes: they really care about bullying and those who abuse vulnerable children who may have same sex attraction.

Or do they?

Because the dirty little secret is that if these activists were really worried about teenagers, they would be publicizing this little public health survey on the extent of pre pubescent sexual abuse among our youth.

Across the nine sites (Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Boston, Chicago, New York City, and San Francisco) that assessed having had sexual intercourse for the first time before age 13 years and sexual identity, the prevalence of having had sexual intercourse before age 13 years ranged from 4.3% to 11.2% (median: 4.8%) among heterosexual students, from 13.3% to 28.5% (median: 19.8%) among gay or lesbian students, from 9.0% to 23.3% (median: 14.6%) among bisexual students, and from 5.7% to 23.6% (median: 13.1%) among unsure students (Table 55).

Yes: One out of five “gay” teenagers state they had intercourse below age 13.

That is sexual abuse by anyone’s definition.

The article goes on to document how various negative health habits like smoking and drinking and drugs and violence and suicide seem to correlate with the incidence of very early sexual behavior (aka abuse) and what we old folks used to call promiscuity in older teens.

This JAMA article finds a similar high rate of abuse of boys, and also notes the of psychological sequella in these boys, including drug use, promiscuity, STD’s and suicide.

So excuse me for not falling for the “homophobia kills”.

A better meme would be “promiscuity and sexual abuse kills”.

So maybe when Lady Gaga comes out and sings songs criticizing films and magazines that sexualize young children, or criticizes singers whose songs that use degrading and violent imagery against young women, or boycott the sitcoms and comedians who get laughs by ridicule and calling people names,  or even clean up those numerous ads for “sex tourism” (wink wink) on gay websites., then I’ll take the “bullying” campaign seriously.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. She has treated many girls who were sexually abused when she was practicing medicine.

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