There are two very interesting developments in the world of the RIAA. RIAA is without doubt one of the most disliked groups in the nation right now. Their sole mission in life appears to be to go around indiscriminately suing people for copyright infringement. Several stories involve them suing people that do not even own a computer, never mind access to the internet!

In an earlier article I stated that RIAA’s use and abuse of the judicial system may be heading into some murky waters. In their ‘offer to settle’ threat letter they claim that if the supposed music pirate does not take the out of court settlement for about $3,500 then RIAA will go to court and demand payment of $750 per pirated song.

The actual amount that RIAA loses per song is 70 cents. They have made a 1000% markup in their court documents! Personally I think I am in the wrong business, anything you can sell for a 1000% markup has got to be the way to go.

This nuance has not gone unnoticed in the UMG v Lindor court case. The Judge has agreed with the defendant that UMG (in other words RIAA’s ambulance chasing lawyers) are going to have to prove the $750 as the actual loss per song.

I will bet that the RIAA lawyers are burning the midnight oil on this one. Oh I will also bet that the billing meter is running.

The other interesting RIAA story is that their head honcho Cary Sherman who does not come out of his protective cocoon very often actually wrote an editorial on CNET. I am asuming that the RIAA have decided that they have reached the point where a little bit or ‘damage control’ is needed. Unfortunately the RIAA seem to employ particularly bad speech writers.

My Favorite quote…

The “Digital Freedom” campaign claims that the entertainment industry’s goal is to “outlaw new digital technology and devices.” This kind of knowingly false and incendiary rhetoric is designed to distort the issue and thwart solutions by demonizing us.

I must admit that I enjoy a good joke as well as the next guy. And this guy should have his own show on the Comedy Channel (oh, maybe that would not be a good idea, people would post illicit copies of his stand up routine on YouTube and get sued by RIAA).

I have no idea where Cary Sherman could possibly get the idea that everyone except himself, his organization and his legion of bottom feeders think that the RIAA is a demon.

You can read the editorial here.

Simon Barrett

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