Pat Robertson’s real name is Marion Gordon Robertson. Regardless of whatever name he goes by, he needs to not talk as much.

In what is becoming a tradition of increasingly more ridiculous and far-fetched “prophecies”, Pat Robertson has done it again. This year, Pat is convinced that God told him that there will be a terrorist attack somewhere in the United States during September of this new year. Not only that, but this attack will result is “mass killing.” Unfortunately, God neglected to tell Mr. Robertson whether or not the attack would be nuclear.

During a time of prayer, God came to Pat and told him that this attack would involve major cities in the US and millions of US citizens. God also told Pat that the US is not really friends with Israel, but only pretends to be so. In fact, God is of the opinion that American policies are slowly pushing Israel towards a “national suicide.”

This is nowhere near the first time that Pat Robertson has claimed to have received secret messages from God during his prayer time. In 2004 and 2005, Pat said that God told him that President Bush would win his re-election bid, which did come to pass. However, in 2006, Pat also said that major storms and a great tsunami would hit America’s coast, as told to him by God. None of this happened. In fact, a major hurricane did not even achieve landfall in 2006, far better than most years.

On top of that, Pat has made himself even more infamous by making insensitive, uncultured, and outright inflammatory comments as of late. In 2006, Pat, long-time friend of Israel and in the midst of planning a religiously themed theme park in Israel, said that Prime Minister Sharon’s stroke was the judgment of God for agreeing to give back parts of Gaza and the West Bank. Pat tried to cover up this gaffe as best as possible. It was too late and Israel cut off his plans of a Holy Land Theme Park. In 2005, Pat said that the US should assassinate Huge Chavez, although he later apologized. Pat has also said it would be beneficial if the US State Department were blown up, that God will send a hurricane to destroy those towns who vote against intelligent design, and that “activist judges” are a greater threat to the world than Nazis ever were.

Pat Robertson is back in old form, claiming to hear hateful and dangerous messages from God. It’s understandable why Pat would repeat these visions revealed by God in his prayer times. It’s incomprehensible why God would ever say even one of these things.

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