Watching the Republican contenders for a finalist spot in the 2012 political Superbowl next November is actually quite entertaining. It reminds me of a time some 20 years ago when one of my kids decided that the perfect pets were a couple of Garter Snakes. Of course like all kids, he lost interest in the snakes after a couple of weeks. It became my responsibility for feed them. Luckily snakes don’t eat often. I’d wait till I had a really bad day at work, swing by the pet store and buy a dozen feeder Goldfish. Take them home, plop them in the snakes small pond and watch in wonder.

Within a couple of minutes the snakes would come out of their enclosures and eye ball dinner. Starting with the smallest and weakest goldfish they would go to work. It was skillful, it was artful, and the strike at the end was always quick and deadly.

In someways the Republicans are playing the same game with a bit of a twist. They have eaten all the goldfish, now the only food source is each other. The last goldfish in the bowl was Herman Cain, he was ripe for picking with the sexual abuse scandal.

What about Michele Bachmann I hear you ask? She wasn’t even a goldfish, no one had to hunt her, it was only a matter of time before she imploded from being on the strict Tea-Bag diet!

So, we are left with six of them. And it is a motley crew (not to be confused with the fine metal band Motley Crue).

At the top end is Mitt Romney, but he has a bit of an issue, that whole Mormon religion thing is a mill stone around his neck.

At the bottom end of the food chain is Rick somebody. Nobody cares, and Rick Whatever will disappear soon.

Then there is Rick Santorum, oh where to start? Well it is doubtful that he will find much support from the gay community. That is apparent form a google search for Rick Santorum. The second hit (unpaid listing) is (NSFW). I rate his chances of winning the GOP nomination right up there with me winning a bodybuilding competition!

Newt Gingrich, he is full of huff and Puff, but lets face it he is old news. As the saying goes, he shot his load years ago.

What about John Huntsman? Well while it may be cute to have a president that can call the local Chinese Takeout and order in Mandarin, it hardly seems to be credentials for that big corner office.

So that leaves Ron Paul. In my mind he is the spoiler. He is Ross Perot all over again. Marginally right wing of Attila The Hun he should scare all but the most rabid Tea Party fan.

What is interesting is the huge amount of effort being expended by the gang of six to eat each other. By the time the is one man left standing it seems doubtful that they will have much fight left in them to tackle Obama.

Of course one has to admire this group and their supporters. Many millions of much needed dollars are helping the revitalization of the economy. Buttons, posters, pamphlets, TV Ad’s, these all create jobs! Of course these are merely seasonal jobs, but every little helps.

Simon Barrett


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