Although marketed at the military this is must have for the home voyeur! A baseball sized Cam that is wireless! The cam is designed with harsh environments in mind, you can throw it through a window and it will ‘self right’, you then have the capability of whirling it 360 degrees, the possibilities are endless.

This Voyeur Cam comes with a wireless, portable, hand held, viewing station. And the whole thing fits into an easy to carry briefcase. Just imagine the fun that kids could have on Facebook, or MySpace. The opportunities are endless! Just roll one into the girls locker room and you are in business.

Of course Remington disagrees, they claim that the market is the Cops and Armed Forces, but at the low, low price of $2,500 per Voyeur Cam you can bet that more than a few will end up in private hands.

With it’s rugged design it can go anywhere, the potential is endless. If your neighbor is having a rowdy party, instead of throwing a rock through his window, you can break his window and video tape who is at the party. I am pretty certain that Judge Judy would accept this evidence (but you might be liable for the cost of the window pane replacement). For the serious vandal in your life, this is a ‘must have’. If you are a nerdy insecure 13 year old and want to know what his 15 years old sister is telling her friends about him, just roll one of these babies into her room, not only do you get to watch, it also transmits audio.

There is a video of the thing in action, but, while these guys can develop great products, they have not quire figured out how to stream video, so you have to download it first. But it sure is fun! The World Wide Web is a wonderful place.

Oops, Hot Update. I am guessing that the unwanted publicity was getting to them. Well lets face it, it is hard to remain in the shadows then you are the sun! The video is no longer available on their site, but some caring person made sure it has not been lost.

I think this could be the next big Christmas fad, Care Bears were cute, Transformers were Ho-Hum, but the Remington R1, now that rules!

This has to be the ultimate toy.

Simon Barrett


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