The cracking down on bent custom officers started about 6 months ago in Burma, but as is usual it was a lack luster attempt. Investigating officers and even the Junta were not very serious about achieving results. Corruption in the government is common place. 

Two high ranking customs officers (who are well known for their corruption) have taken their entire family from Burma and moved to Singapore. It is claimed that they have bought Permanent Residence (PR) status by investing 2 millions Singapore dollars each in Singapore (according to Singapore immigration law, one needs to invest at least 1.5 million Singapore dollars in Singapore to apply an instant PR status) 

When the Junta Government heard that news, pressure on the BSI (Bureau for Investigation) was doubled. Everybody takes it seriously when that large amount of money is involved. 

Because of that news the Junta is clamping down on customs officers and their families. Some news (and rumors) revealed that the crack down has resulted in many of the customs officers running away. It is also rumored that the BSI have arrested, interrogated, and even tortured members of their families. 

Even though the Junta  released almost 400 customs officers last Friday, another 400 have been sentenced from 66 years to 100 years in the last month alone (according to the people who are closed to Justice Community).

Hundreds of officers are still running away to neighboring countries, or remain hidden in some places inside Burma. 

[Edited by Simon]

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