My last post, “The Sound of Hubris” generated a lot of comment, both pro and con, and to each who read it and felt moved to respond I say thanks, even to those who called me names. I’m just glad you read my piece and felt passionately enough about the subject to give your views.

A friend of mine, a movie producer who has done a number of musicals, read the piece and agreed with my main point. He’s a big fan of Johhny Cash (and to the person who commented that Cash was a poor singer, well I guess I and a few hundred million people beg to differ) but he pointed out something I had overlooked in my analysis (Yes, I am indeed a moron and an idiot, and yes, I am not a critic, but rather an analyst, but why split hairs?). The real reason producers of films like Walk the Line and Coalminer’s Daughter don’t want to use the real voice of the vocal artist who is  the subject of their bioflic is…(drum roll)…Money!

Who could imagine? What my friend pointed out was that a good part of the profit potential for any musical film project is the soundtrack album. Since the producer seldom owns a piece of the recording star’s library, he would much prefer to record a new one he does own and market that along with the film. In some cases the soundtrack makes more money than the film.

And that hubris thing? Forget about it. We all know actors and celebrities in general are just wonderful, virtually egoless artists out there to delight and educate the rest of us for our overall betterment.


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