There’s been some news reports about the Conference on Global warming in Bali.
But the stories are missing the real story…that it is being held in Bali, an island of great beauty that has many resort hotels, beaches, and friendly local people…but whose tourism industry has been a bit on the low side recently.
Remember Bali? The Australians do.

Back in 2002 (BEFORE the US invaded Iraq), some Islamofascists decided to kill Australians in revenge for that country’s peacekeepers being present in East Timor, an island that had recently won independence from Indonesia. The terrorists didn’t care if they killed a lot of Bali civilians, since most were Buddhists who sold alcohol to tourists and didn’t seem upset about infidels in bikinis. But the real story is that the bombing killed a lot of innocent Australian vacationers, since Bali was a favorite spot for that country’s surfer types.
There was another bombing in Bali against tourists in 2005…Wikipedia’s links for various large bombings aimed at foreign civilians shows:

Now, would you go to a conference where guys were aiming to kill infidels? No.

But the hidden story is that Bali is now considered safe. And the reason why is because the majority of Muslims in Indonesia have turned against the terrorists (many of whom have fled to the southern Philippines and are trying to cause trouble here).

StrategyPage notes:

Dead Babies Defeat Terrorists September 25, 2007: Public opinion continues to work against Islamic radicals, with anti-terrorism attitudes more popular than those that endorse and encourage violence. This has always annoyed Islamic conservatives, this Indonesian tendency to resist hard-core Islam. Many Islamic terrorists have fled the country, not just because the police were after them, but because so many Indonesians were willing to turn them in. This has led to the collapse of several Islamic militant organizations.

And helping the Indonesian government to ferret out the bad guys are special forces types from Australia.

Few Americans recognize the Australians are active in peacekeeping of various sorts in Micronesia, or that they have a major anti terror agreement with Indonesia, and that their police/special forces are assisting the Indonesians in their fight against terrorism. More recently, their special forces have been helping the Philippine military (and US Special Forces) in the fight against Islamic terrorists in our own south. Often these special forces train local troops, but they also provide sophisticated equipment to help the locals in their fight.
So although all the naive climate types are busy congratulating Australia’s new prime minister for joining the rest of the world in signing (but not necessarily following) the Kyoto protocols, maybe instead they should be congratulating Australia for helping the Indonesians get rid of terrorists and make Bali safe for the new eco tourists from NGO’s.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket. 

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