We hear it everyday. We hear it from civilians, reporters, politicians, pundits… everyone has an opinion about the war on Iraq. Some people think that it’s going well and is the right thing; some people think that it was a terrible mistake. Everyone has an opinion on what it’s like over there too. The problem with this is that very few of these people expressing opinions really know what it’s like over there because hardly any of them have ever been there. The only people who really know what it’s like over there are the soldiers who have been serving there everyday. About a month ago, a marine stationed in Iraq wrote a letter home to family that talked about what life was like in Iraq. In the letter he painted a pointed view of things from inside the war, sometimes it was funny and sometimes it was sad but the one thing that the letter remained consistently was real.

After being circulated around, it found it’s way to Time magazine reporter Sally B. Donnelly and after spending three weeks tracking down the original author, got permission to post the letter onto the Time website under the conditions that the writer remain anonymous and certain parts be edited out. While the letter is much too long to post here in its entirety, it is worth the time for everyone who has an opinion about the war in Iraq, weather it be positive or negative, to read it and get a real look at life in Iraq for a marine with absolutely zero spin. For once, let’s all pause and look at the facts as they are… not as they are presented to us. The link to the letter is presented below.

The Secret Letter from Iraq (Time)

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