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The New Jersey Supreme Court today, in a 4 to 3 decision, did what shouldn’t have had to be done by any court or government agency: it recognized the fact that when two adults want to make a legal commitment to each other (any two adults) they have the right to do that. That is already a legal standard with so many precidents on the books that it is as close as anything can get to being indisputable. For some reason, however, that legal standard does not apply in the vast majority of our united states when the legal commitment under consideration is “marriage;” and, in fact, in almost half of the states, under the various state Constitutions, that legal standard will never apply to marriage (unless their Constitutions are changed).

This seems so strange to me! Strange that in a country that was founded on the basic principles of freedom, that that one freedom, the freedom to enter into a marriage contract, has always has a sexual stipulation.

Let’s face reality America! Whether or not same-sex marriages are legal there will always be same-sex couples who are deeply committed to each other’s welfare. Our legal system may be an awesomely powerful force in our lives but it will not change a person’s sexual orientation nor will it dictate who falls in love with whom; nor, I might add, should it try to!

Marriage means commitment and commitment is supposed to be a good thing. Ideally, when two people marry they are committing to be devoted to each other’s welfare and happiness. Does that change if the two people in question are of the same sex? Of course not!

Only one thing would change if same-sex marriages became universally legal: same-sex couples who are married will have the same legal standing (for inheritances, insurance, visitations and etc.) as other married couples. That’s it! Everything else you’ve heard, all the doom, gloom and predictions of disaster, fall somewhere between conjecture, hysteria and propaganda.

But ‘how about the children?’ you ask! What message will it send to the children?

It might just send the ‘radical’ message to the children that all that stuff they’ve learned in school about ALL people being equal, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, ethnic origin or sexual orientation is really true.

Pretty radical huh?


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