Having just read a book about Alan Siegel about the importance of product branding and corporate identity, it was with some trepidation that I popped The Queers into my CD player! I must confess that my worries were unfounded. This is a very fine band indeed. The Queers are hard to pigeon hole, on the surface they look like a Brit-pop band, but they also operate on many other levels as well. Joe King (aka Joe Queer) heads up this fine group providing vocals and lead guitar, Phillip Hill is on Bass, and is the other vocalist, the unlikely named Lurch Nobody, rounds out this eclectic trio on drums.

These guys are all over the music map, the opening track Overdue is most certainly rooted in the great Brit-pop tradition. I think she is starting to like me is just a 60’s gem, that contains everything that a 60’s Beatle(esque) song should have. Girl About Town is a head bangers heaven, it has the beat, in fact my wife reverted into a valley girl when she heard this one.

The one thing that I really liked about Munki Brain was the lyrics, they have a great sense of humor. Filthy Phil is a great example.

I can’t stay mad at you is right out of the Beach Boys genre. In fact, on a blind taste test I would bet 99% of listeners would pick the Beach Boys as the singers.

I am a fool is a song that sounds like a Monkeys tune,. It is pop, pop, pop. You just can not help but sing along with it.

Even George Bush gets some air time, Monkey In A Suit, is just a great example of grunge rock. “Monkey in a suit, on the White House lawn, Monkey in a suit, with his dunce cap on, Monkey in a suit with a ‘nuclar’ bomb”

I give this CD very high marks, if you don’t have it already in your collection, you should rush out an buy it (you can’t have my copy!) You can get your own copy from Amazon.

Simon Barrett


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