By Honey Gillard

WITH the exception of lead singer, Nicole Scherzinger, the members of hit girl group ‘The Pussycat Dolls’ have admitted that they struggle to meet men as they are constantly intimidated by the group’s fame and image as headstrong women.

4 of the 5 dolls do not presently have a boyfriend, and according to single doll Kimberley Wyatt this is because men see them as “very intimidating”.

“A lot of men find us very intimidating. We’re strong, independent women and maybe that puts some guys off.” The singer explained.

Speaking on behalf of the 4 single dolls, Wyatt revealed that when it comes to finding men, it’s hard for the dolls – especially with their heavy recording and tour schedules.

“Men are a lot harder to find than I bargained for. To any guys there reading – what’s wrong with you?” the Daily Star quoted her as saying.
“I’m thinking of demanding a new addition in our schedule – two hours a week for socialising until I find a man,” she added.

Nicole Scherzinger, the only non-single member of the band, is currently dating F1 star Lewis Hamilton. The singer seems to be making up for her group’s lack of luck in lover after recently revealing that she and Hamilton are house-hunting and will soon be moving in together.

The 30-year-old confirmed rumours saying: “We’ll be moving in together soon. We’re deciding whether to buy in the UK or the States. I love English accents, Lewis’s in particular.”

The singer added that there are no wedding plans as yet.

In other Doll related news, ex-Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has shut down the many internet rumours stating that she is planning on joining the popular girl group.

Beckham officially confirmed the falseness of rumours that she was putting on the ‘Pussycat Doll’ suit, when she told Extra at the New York launch of her and David’s new fragrance ‘Signature’: “It’s a load of s***.”

Beckham added that this was nothing against the group, as she personally “loved” and “respected” all the girls, but rather because though she’d had her fun in a girl group in the past, but she does not wish the experience again.

She clarified: “I love the Pussycat Dolls and I have a lot of respect for them and they’re great, but I was in a group and it was fun but not any more.”

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