Big Government For those of you who have not heard of Its a non-profit 501(c)4 organization whose goal is to fight the kind of Liberalism we see coming out of Washington today; they do this through e-mail, news releases and with their website. On the Grassfire website you’ll find loads of information and petitions intended to inform and educate.Here’s a sample excerpt from Grassfire’s latest e-mail, commenting on Obama bringing the “big guns” into his healthcare argument: Biblical references!

Attempting to moralize the health care debate, Obama had the audacity to spew that those opposing ObamaCare were “frankly, bearing false witness.”He pressed on, casting his perfect pro-abortion record aside saying passage of health care reform is “a core ethical and moral obligation: that is, that we look out for one another;that is, I am my brother’s keeper.”Doesn’t his brother live in a tiny box somewhere in Africa?

Yes this is one-sided Conservative rhetoric but it is factual — (using Obama’s own quotes) and they raise an excellent point: Obama will do and say ANYTHING to get a healthcare bill passed.And Obama WILL get a healthcare bill passed and sign it into law this year but fortunately (for all Americans) it will be nothing like the original proposals drafted by his pet monkeys in Congress.This story from the New York Times (the newspaper of record for Liberals) appeared today, headlined: “Health Care Idea Has Public Plan Only as Backup”. The lead paragraph of the story spells it out:

“As President Obama faces conflicting pressures from the left and the right over his proposal for a new public health insurance program, White House officials are investigating a possible compromise under which the government would offer its own health plan only if private insurers failed to provide affordable coverage.”

That is probably what will happen, but it is, like everything else in the Liberal agenda, subterfuge!The plan that finally gets signed into law (and you can take this to the bank) will place so many unreasonable regulations on the health insurance industry that they will find it impossible to field any health insurance policies that meet the regulations and are at the same time affordable. Then, when the health insurance providers have failed to meet the “affordable” requirement (“affordable” will be defined however Obama wants it defined) the government will step in and say “Well we gave the insurance companies a chance and they failed — the “emergency” public option will now go into force.”Obama is a very radical example of Liberalism and while some are not as radical, all Liberals are control freaks! Until they can control every aspect of public life, they will keep trying — its a vicious cycle that will only end when they are no longer in control of Congress (or the White House).Note I didn’t say “Democrats” once in my previous rant. There are Democrats who are actually working with the best interests of their constituents in mind and there are Democrats who have only one thing in mind: Power. The same, of course, can be said for Republican lawmakers. The difference is between Liberal and Conservative: one believes that citizens are incapable of managing their own lives, the government always knows best and — to use Obama’s own words — we are our brother’s keepers (either voluntarily or by government edict). True Conservatives, on the other hand, (the few that have survived Washington politics) believe that less government is better and everyone needs to take responsibility for their own lives.Granted, life under Liberalism is far more comfortable for many people — people who feel that they need someone to ‘take care of them.’Some children never grow up!

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