Corruption is rampant in Washington, DC. The corruption starts with many career Congressional members unscrupulously representing themselves instead of their constituents, progressing to political expedient conduct, and ending with some members violating the law. Under these circumstances, the following analogy seems appropriate.
Once upon a time, in the capital of Never Never land, there were two whore houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. Many of the long standing residents of these houses prostituted themselves to remain there. There were two political parties pimping to enjoy the benefits of their whores. And finally, there were the Johns, special interests and lobbyists, who paid to gain favors from the prostitutes.
This analogy may seem harsh however; consider impartially the present “State of the Union.” Special interests have usurped the representation owed the citizens of this nation. Young people of today are contributing to a Social Security program that will have no money when they retire. Future generations of Americans will be saddled with a huge national debt, whose repayment will devour most of their income.

Restore your Constitutional rights by making your voice heard. You needn’t hold protest rallies, the Founders empowered you with the right to vote, a peaceful and non confrontational process, to correct breaches in governance. Starting with the next election, in the privacy of a voting booth, exert your will by casting your ballot against the toxic Congressional incumbents.

Join this populace revolt by sharing this message with others so that, once again, United States is a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people.
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Art Woodrow

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