Well, its Febuary, 2007 and its cold.  The Democrats have control of the House and Senate, many Republicans seem to be running scared, Obama has come from no where and is a Media Star and now has his sights set on the White House.  Hillary is her usual self, presenting a committed attitude of win at all cost.  President Bush must feel like the loneliest man in Washington.  What is a conservative suppose to do with all of the news today?  I expect any day to hear Wolf Blitzer, from the situation room at CNN, report that Laura Bush has now recanted her position and involvement with promoting the War in Iraq.  

Poor Scooter Libby is feeling just about as neglected while standing trail for perjury, or what ever they call lying to an investigating officer while that same officer is investigating a crime or an alleged crime, that later to be determined was no crime at all.  And, poor Scooter was never accused or named in the original crime that turned out to be not a crime.  The best that I can figure, he is guilty of not remembering a specific piece of a conversation that at the time was unimportant or at best just that, conversation.  I am sure I would be on trial  too if some officer ask me about something I discussed a month ago let alone a year ago, and wanted something specific.  Later to find out that it was my brother that told me that and not my sister, Wow, now I’m going to jail.

You couldn’t get a Liberal Democrat to believe a shred of intelligence against Iran, North Korea, Al Quieda or anyone that might pose a threat to the US, but they would stake their lives on the testimony or reports of the likes of Joe Wilson or anyone that hates Bush.

Guess who said this: American soldiers that died, were “wasted” in Iraq. 1. Osama  2. Obama

If you guessed #2 your are right.  I imagine you’ll only hear that particular report on the Fox News network.

That wasn’t a very presidential comment, especially given the status Mr. Barack Obama has been awarded by the main stream media; (but then thats how the MSM feels) 
Well, they all may not feel that way. Some may take the side of Bill Arken of the Washington Post, that our military men that are sacrificing their time and lives to make us all safe and secure are nothing more than “mercenaries”.  (Webster calls it; those that wage war merely for wages)

Thanks guys for all of the support that is coming from our new government majority and their spokesperson(the MSM)  I somehow knew all of the talk of non-partisanship and getting things done was merely the same rhetoric that always exudes from those bent on a place at the front of the line.  No one person or one party is ever going to make a complete difference and make everything better.  It will ultimately take the majority, at least, working together for the good of the country. Ah ha, there’s a good line, “for the good of the country”.  Can people agree that attacks on our on soil is not good for this country?  Can we agree that it is evident and obvious that the terrorist are out to kill us, by their own admission, for no other reason than they hate us?  Can we agree that this “war on terror” must be waged for our protection?  Can we agree that this war is different than conventional wars of the past and must be waged as such and in context to the threat?

I do not want to see another tower fall, or worse, but I am not convinced that a “mushroom cloud” rising in the sky over Washington would make a difference in some of the hearts of those in charge now.

I believe when President George Bush received that somber whisper in his ear while reading to a classroom of children, that he realized in a moment, that his Presidency would be defined by the acts and reactions of that dreadful day.  I believe that he rose to the occasion and has made decisions based on his strong convictions and has maintained those convictions throughout.  He has also said on many occasions that this mandate that he was handed on 9-11 will continue long after he is gone.  I believed it when He said it the first time, and I still believe it today.  I, like many others, were charged to see the majority of the politicians stand together, in the aftermath, for quick and decisive action.  But I never remember anyone saying that it would be easy or that it would be short or that it would all be over soon.

Make no mistake about it, just as the Presidency of George Bush has been, and will continue to be defined by terror, so will the jobs and lives of those that make decisions now and in the future.  For all of those spineless so-called leaders on both sides of the aisle, this threat will not go away.  You can hide you head in the sand, or give vibrant speeches on how you were duped into voting for the war or you can stand looking strong and cocky ranting on about how you were right all along by opposing this war from the beginning.  But know this, time will tell the truth without spin or respect of persons.

I love my country and it’s freedom.  I just wonder how it really looks to those elsewhere when they read or listen to all of the Headlines.  I find it hard to believe that anyone outside this country could think for a minute that we truly stand together on this issue today,  that some of our news agencies are American, that some of our political leaders actually have the best interest of our country at heart.
With all of the goofy stuff we make into evening news headlines, while ignoring much that could help pull this country together, I do wonder myself at times who really has the good of the country as a mandate.

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