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Certainly the polemics of Gambian politics have left so much to be desired these days. Indeed the APRC Government is using the innauguration of structures to cover up the latest scandals coming from a former bandit-friend called Governor Kalu. Who does not know Kalu in The Gambia today? From his days with the ex-head of the FIB Mr Tamu Njie to now Kalu has been part of the royal barons in our land of “wild” corruption. There is no need for the Nigerian EFCC to waste their resources when Investigation Kalu’s actions in The Gambia. That is so easy an ice cream to munch. Kalu’s pictures are all over the Gambian State house. He is known for the bad not for the good because nothing about Kalu,Yahya Jammeh,Yankuba Touray,Mr Jobe of FIB and Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay is good. Their case is synonymous to when someone is trying to wash faeces. Who can wash faeces itself? Faeces can be found on a piece of cloth then removed  by washing but  none can wash faeces itself! Yahya Jammeh’s case is a sad one to say the least. You know what? Desperate people may pretend being used to evil after a lengthy time. The same way people used to sing praises for Charles Taylor,Slobodan Milosovic and Sadam Hussein.
The same way people sang praises for Sanni Abacha. Infact before Abacha’s demise he was so glad that, he was able to hang Ken Sara Wewa of the Ogoni tribe.
Why did he hang Ken? The man stood to defend those who were affected by the deadly pollutants from the oil wells. These Ogoni people were suffering from those pollutants whereas the returns from oil sales went to Abacha’s bank accounts abroad. There was a time in Nigeria when mentioning Abacha in the street was nothing to be joked with. No one ever thought about the wicked General’s death at the time. All the money he stole and all the power he was using has been handed back to the people of Nigeria.
It came down like a meteor.
On the side of stamina again through out history….Who would have even thought about the demise of those Roman Kings who crucified Jesus or Essa Ibn Mariam would be si sudden afterwards? What happened to them after Jesus’s blood was spilled? Ask them? They will ever live to recall that. This is why Moses said: FAITH CAN MOVE A MOUNTAIN! Infact stopping the waves of opposition towards Jammeh’s callous behaviour by  politicians like Waa Juwara could as well be a good sign. Such signs mean Yahya Jammeh’s end will come down like a thunder bolt.  It is not a good sign when harsh critics like Waa Juwara are all of a sudden singing Yahya Jammeh’s praises.These are all signals coming from the powers of God or Allah. The shallow-minded may see it as a sign of success. It is not! There is this prism or crystal stone that shares a lot with people of strong faith. This is a stone found in the abstract. Gambians will talk about this prism am mentioning today one day in their beloved land’s history. It will happen God willing. This is not about fortune telling,this is about the association of variables within a scienctific perspective. This means evil has posed so much pressure on some souls that they are grasping for oxgene to survive now. Lest we forget how the phrase”Absolute power corrupts absolutely” came to be. Harsh rulers inspire psyche power. Remember Caesar’s rule helped raise the bar for Shakepeare. William was not  a simple writer he had extra sensory powers as well. Remember writers like Paolo Frera were able to produce more because of the social challenges they faced in Latin America. Remember Franz Fanon was inspired more and more to fight against injustice because of the brutality he saw meted against the colonised Algerians. So lets not bow before the time of ruthlessness. Some may choose to die others may choose to ask for help and then live for a second chance only to see what the future holds for them. This does not mean support,it means desperate moves from the prism of despair! The future holds nothing for those who give up after the first round of a “circus”. Wait for another round and see. Jeering is not cheering. There is the dagger with so many sides coming to The Gambia. Nigeria and Ghana have started the show. It will never go unnoticed for sure. These waves that are creeping near the sea shores may appear so mild but they are “wild” on the other hand.This is exactly why opposing regimes like Yahya Jammeh’s cannot be based on speed it has to be based on stamina. There is no revolution that has ever been won while speeding. Amilcar Cabral fought the Portuguese for more than a decade before regaining Independence from them. It took Sekou a lot of courage to stand against Degaulle in 1958 with that resounding NO! It took the late Lauren-Desire Kabila 32 years before he finally came home to remove Mobutu from power by force. It took Thabo Mbeki so many years as an asylee before going home and stand by the old man Mandela to complete a post-appartheid job. It took the current Kenyan President years before he could return home thus remove a callous leader like Daniel Arap Moi from power. It took Mauritanians years before they could finally remove Ultaya (the untouchable) from the reins of power. It took Nehru and Ghandi years before they could send the colonialists out of Delhi. It took Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal 25 good years before he could take over from Diouf. He started opposing Diouf’s predecessor and God father in politics Leopold Sedar Senghore well before young Diuof came to power. Not even Diouf would have imagined relinquishing power to Wade. Thats the politics of stamina not speed. Infact faith goes with patience. Is patience in for speed? Not so much in for speed we all know that.
There is one proverb in our Gambian dialects that sums it up this way…”However much thirsty one is, never rush and drink foam,because when the water taps start running again shame may become that person’s partner” This is why whatever anger or despair may come along the way of any politician it is always good for that person to measure his or her words when turning against friends of yesterday. Friends  who have done nothing wrong for that matter. Going through strategic mistakes is part of politics. That does not mean failure. Failure is for quitters!
Quitting in The Gambia or quitting outside The Gambia means the same to the books of  real revolutionaries.
If it was to be based on selfishness,there are people opposing Yahya Jammeh today they could have simply reconciled and move on with the APRC band wagon again. Most of us know his weaknesses more Zeinba Jammeh herself. However as the English saying goes…”The prove of the pudding is in the eating” Lets face the facts. We all know that Yahya Jammeh stole pebbles from machines in Taiwan then called himself a winner. Sure Yahya did not win anything. He is nothing other a daring thief. Thats completely different from confidence. Confidence my foot! Ask Yahya Jammeh what happened on November 11 1994 when Sanna was with him in the state house toilet? Sanna knows and Yahya knows. Sanna Sabally will never narate that. Sanna knows who was a man and who was not! Stop telling Gambians Yahya Jammeh is brave or is full of confidence. If not Sanna ask Alhaji Kanteh also. He knows what happened.  Sure he knows that those secrets cannot be relayed here. Why? He may kill more poor soldiers and leave their kids stay as orphans. If not that secret would have been released right away.
Yahya Jammeh is such a shameless character my friends!Yahya will kill any soldier who narates what happened. His former wife Tuti was yelling and shouting for help. Tuti also will never say what happened. Sometimes when I see people calling Yahya a brave man it really makes me want to vomit. Sure anyone being guarded by bandits who receive millions of dalasis from state coffers can brag by saying he or she is brave. No one knows Yahya Jammeh more than those who saw him yesterday. He himself knows that very well. One more signal, the issues before Yahya’s future are not all that clear to some people because they are coded. The messages working against Yahya are coded. No more decoys. It may take time but these codes will open his door sooner than he thinks. He himself does not know to what extent these coded signs from the hidden prism can harm him for now. Had he known he would have done what Sanneh from Sweden said earlier. Resign and leave. Certainly I for one do not want Yahya to resign and leave. Why? Because for the past 13 years Yahya Jammeh has always been bragging that he is brave. I want him to stay and witness the day when bravado will knock on his door. I know this sounds monotonous to some now but it is on the way. I for one do not want to appease Yahya at all. I  want him to continue calling Gambians abroad cowards,dissidents,despots and so on until the day he will know what the Prism of despair means. In as much as Yahya Jammeh is full of confidence as it was clearly said by Waa Juwara I am also inviting Mr Juwara to mark this passage in his diary and wait for the day of bravado. Even if Yahya was to call for peace and negociations the good angels of God will be listening to his heart not his words. He must face the fight he is calling for. Yahya has not been tested yet. He thinks he has been tested or he will pass his test. No problem the end result will say so.
Yahya Jammeh must explain to some people one day God willing why he thinks he is the only man in The Gambia. I swear by the Almighty I am inviting Yahya to a grand rendez-vous in the future. For sure Yahya you cannot win or kill all men.
Time will tell!
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