The President poked his head out of the rabbit hole and declared “stay the course” inoperative as a description of his Iraq policy. A general recognition things in Iraq are not going well. The state of denial appears to be fading like morning beach fog after a skull and bones frat party. However, the President ever ready to unwax Jeffersonian defined the U.S. “job” in Iraq as establishing an Iraqi government that is fully in command of the country. He said that defeat in Iraq was in leaving before that “job” is done. Recall that the initial Rumsfeld plan to turn the country over to a group of expatriates. Dependent on the civil structure remaining intact and operational after Saddam’s fall, just under new management. The new management simply reconstructing the country using its oil revenues and recompensing us for the expense of liberating it. However the civil structure, collapsed. Then the plan was for American reconstruction under Paul Bremer, to be replaced by a government He hand picked. Sadly for Paul, the Ayatollah Ali Sistani, insisted on having actual democracy, and a vote rather than Lord Bremer’s handpicked council of unity to draft a constitution for Iraq. The next American plan was to “splain” to Iraqis how to operate the security forces of a country. As the Iraqis stood up, we would stand down, became the Presidents mantra. Alas that plan fell victim to an escalation in actual street fighting so intense the security forces simply ran away when ever some one yelled boo. Not one to say “uncle” our President decided to sweep troublesome areas with troops, secure the streets, and turn them over to Iraqis as a “safe” place to practice being the people in charge. However the pesky insurgence simply waited till the U.S. forces withdrew and bitchslapped any one foolish enough to stick around after dark. The “New and Improved” plan is called the “benchmark” policy. The President “splained” to the fellows the need to meet certain goals or else, To be sure a vague or else but a stern talking to none the less. But for those of us who actually read briefings it’s clear the Sunnis aren’t ready to accept minority status and the Shia aren’t willing to give Sunnis any where near a role that might establish a nervous truce and then the Kurds let us not forget will never cede their semiautonomous status. The true reality outside the Presidential rabbit hole plain and simple is we ousted Saddam with a claim we now know was a “A big fat whopping lie” he never represented a threat to our national security. Even then the blood fuck up,the sin of it that followed the lie was in not turning over reconstruction of a new government to the United Nations, which demanded the task immediately after Saddam’s fall but the President showed them didn’t he! Despite the Presidents promise he and his wife will remain steadfast even if everyone falls away. Iraq is not and never will be a central front for protecting the United States against terrorist attacks. The only recourse is to begin a gradual withdrawal because we have done about all that we can usefully do there, It is time the President faces the unwelcome reality that the only players who will be able to resolve the problems he created are Iran and Syria. And quite frankly they are welcome to it.

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