2 page chapters? A plot that is slow to start? I personally gave this one up for dead. The “Praetorian File” is the second in the Paige Harrington series from author Allan McLoed. It has a convincing plot but is sometimes poorly conveyed. The author uses too many chapter changes making the story blocky, choppy and hard to follow. The mystery also reads a great deal like something straight off to “Murder She Wrote.” This whodunit starts when a popular women’s magazine retains Freelancer Paige Harrington to write a story about a girl genius PhD called Jenny Ross. This scientist’s company, ran by her sister, was well funded by powerful and conspiring businessmen to work on robots that could think and could actually form new thoughts. Such a robot had been developed and was called “Praetorian.”

Paige is just getting to work on the initial interview when her subject turns up cold, dead cold. After days of waffling Paige feels that Jenny’s story, whatever it is, needs to be told. She begins to investigate the deep veil of secrecy that Jenny surrounded herself in regarding her work and tried to cut through the web she was surrounded with. To add to her incentive, the government does not want Praetorian to go online. The government is pressuring her to solve the problem and she still is trying to tell a story. On the upside on the plot gets going it moves and the story is set in the backdrop of exciting and bustling New York. Just when Paige feels like she is getting in a little too deep she finally gets to the bottom of what is truly going on, which is. .

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