As a relatively unschooled observer, the current situation in Palestine has baffled me from day one. I mean I understand that everyone hates Israel and that the US is the bad guy –some things go without saying- but what would drive Hamas to agree to a coalition government with Fatah and then renege. What would drive practioners of the religion of peace to kill not only infidels, but other Muslims? It should really come as no surprise that the answer is Iran.

China View (Xinhua online) reported today that senior Palestine Liberation Organization officials issued a press release accusing Iran of helping Hamas to, “Lead a military coup against the legitimate Palestinian leadership and to control the Gaza Strip.”

Yasser Abed Rabbo, member of the PLO executive committee said, “Iran supports those hostile powers in Iraq, Lebanon, and the Palestinian territories in order to serve its regional interests on [sic.] the expense of the peoples and nations of the region.”

That doesn’t sound especially neighborly to me, and it certainly doesn’t meet the level of consideration that Muslims are directed by the Qur’an to afford one another.

Theories abound, but the bottom line is that the Palestinian people are getting boned on all sides. In fact, from what I can see, the Israelis are the only people treating them with any measure of (guarded) consistency.

So, as the US cries of Iranian meddling in Iraq fall on deaf ears around the world, perhaps cries of foul play from other Muslims will finally rally international opinion. Iran is in the game for Iran. They aren’t friends to anyone, and after long years recovering from the protracted Iran-Iraq war, they are once again a regional power.

We need to band together and sanction Iran back to the middle ages, and if that doesn’t work then we need to pull all of our troops out of Iraq and relocate them a couple hundred miles to the East.

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