This is a guest article by author James Ross. Readers know James Ross as an avid golfer, but golf is not his only love. He lives in St Louis and is a big Baseball fan.  The Cardinals have won the world series. The Baseball season for 2011 is now planted in the history books. Game 6 in the series was pivotal. Here is what the characters of his fictitious Prairie Winds Golf Course had to say on the subject….. and this is straight from the reserved back booth in the clubhouse:

“You’ve got a little jump in your step this morning,” Julie said to Fred as he hurried to his favorite booth at the back table in the Prairie Winds Golf Course clubhouse. The St. Louis Cardinals had won their eleventh world championship the night before.

“Can you believe that Series?” He helped himself to one of the doughnuts that he had brought into the clubhouse. “Those guys wouldn’t accept defeat.” The Cardinals had rallied to make the playoffs after trailing by ten and a half games with a little over a month to go in the season.

Julie was a major sports fan and loved to banter with the guys. “When they were down by three in the bottom of the eighth in that sixth game my husband and I thought they were toast.”

“A lot of us did,” Fred agreed. “They chipped away and then I thought the Cardinals would pull it off when they got those runs in the bottom of the ninth to tie the game.” The sixth game of the 2011 World Series was tied at 7-7 after nine innings.

“We did too. Everyone was jumping and screaming only to have our hearts broken when Texas got that homer in the top of the tenth.”

The front door to the clubhouse opened. Pork Chop, BT, Paul, Doc, Captain Jer and Scotty P made their way to the back booth in the next few minutes. Their energy level was much the same. “Is this a minor miracle or what?” Pork Chop said.

“You don’t get a consolation prize in the World Series. The Texas Rangers have one heckuva team,” Doc said.

“But there was so much heart in that Cardinal team. You had to love the way they fought back in the bottom of the tenth in that sixth game.”

Julie delivered several cups of coffee. “We were just discussing that.” She paused. “Tip your hat to the Rangers. They played great.”

“Yes they did. With their pitching and clutch hitting they deserved to win.”

“How about that entire Series though? It had everything. All the games were exciting and entertaining.” BT offered his opinion. “In game one the Cardinals won a close pitching duel but in game two the Rangers scored a couple of runs in the top of the ninth to win a close one and tie the Series.”

“And who can forget that record breaking night that Albert Pujols had in game three? Even that slugfest was fun to watch.”

Scotty P laughed.  “After watching the Cardinals score 16 runs that night Texas came back and shut them out the next night. How can their hitting go that cold?”

“Good pitching has a way of cooling off hot bats.”

“Then Texas won the game that they needed to win. They shut the Cardinals down with a well-played game to go up 3-2 in the Series and head back to St. Louis.”

All the guys had watched the games on TV and so had Julie. They were taking turns making comments but generally shared the same viewpoint. “The whole town was pumped up and they were playing so poorly,” Fred complained. “They were pretty much left for dead when Texas went up 7-4 late in the sixth game.”

“But one run in the eighth set the stage for the bottom of the ninth,” Pork Chop replied. “They not only were down to their last out, but they were down to their last strike!”

“It happened again in the tenth after Texas went ahead 9-7 on a two run homer.”

“Having your backs to the wall two innings in a row and delivering in the clutch is next to impossible.”

“The Cards were down to their last strike again only to tie it up again at 9-9.”

“It was destiny.”

“I thought so too after watching that home run sail over the centerfield wall in the bottom of the eleventh for a 10-9 come-from-behind win.”

“I was so wired I couldn’t go to sleep.”

“Did you see the TV ratings? It’s been one of the highest rated World Series in years.”

“That’s because every game was fabulous!”

“The whole town was ready for game seven”

“It was anti-climactic after the most memorable game in World Series history the night before.”

“You can keep your good cheer,” Julie said to Fred. “The Cardinals played their hearts out and the Rangers have nothing to be ashamed of. There were all kinds of winners on that field.” She took out a wet towel and wiped off the table. “Tip your hat to the Cardinals for winning a hard fought Series.”

“But it was clearly game six that decided it. They took every punch the Rangers could offer and kept fighting back.”

“That game will go down in baseball history as one of the most exciting ever.”

“I’ll never forget it!”

I am delighted that James Ross has decided to share the scuttlebutt from the back booth of The Prairie Winds Clubhouse.

You can find out more about James Ross from his web site and of course his books are available at better bookstores everywhere, or through Amazon at James Ross

Simon Barrett

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