Book reviewing is fun, but there are some perils to it. You often have no clue what you are getting yourself into.

Most of the time the books are not yet in circulation, therefore there are no reviews that you can use as a guide. There are rare occasions where this is not the case, however those reviews tend to be written by the publisher or Publicity Company and tend to be a little biased

My main source of information is the inevitable Press Release that accompanies a new book, yes it is biased, I have never read one that did not praise the book in question like it was the second coming of Jesus! But at least you get an idea about the subject matter.

Occasionally though I get conned! And conned was what happened to me on Friday. Some days previously I had read a Press Release for a new book about Vermont. The exact wording escapes me right now, but it was something like

“Heartwarming and humorous tales about Vermonters…..”

It seemed harmless enough, the sort of book you can polish off in a day or so, and not too taxing on the grey matter. In other words a cake walk. So off went my form letter email requesting a copy.

An hour or so later I received conformation that the book was in the mail.

On Friday afternoon a package arrived. I eagerly tore into it, at first I thought there had been a mistake and they had forgot to actually include the book! A second inspection revealed my mistake, the book was indeed there, I had mistaken it for a publicity hand out.

It was a whopping 53 pages long! All it contains are a series of not very funny one paragraph jokes.

How anyone could write even a 400 word review is absolutely beyond me! It would take an intellect far superior to mine to achieve this feat in creative writing. It would also be the first occasion where the review actually exceeded the word count of the book.

I basically read the entire book while sitting on the toilet. A more befitting reading room for this book I can not think of!

The highlight of the entire adventure was reading the endorsements on the back cover. My favorite being

“I am his Mother; this book is worth $10 of anyone’s money”

Simon Barrett

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