Germany’s domestic intelligence chief has expressed his concern about the potential for so-called home grown terrorism and has now ordered his organization to cast a wary eye upon non-suspicious-looking-law-abiding-foreign-type persons everywhere.

Heinz Fromm, head of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, said there is no reason to believe that these seemingly harmless and productive members of society don’t have any Dreck am Stecken (anything sneaky up their sleeves). After all, he reasons, most Germans themselves appear to be quite harmless and productive members of society at first glance, “but we all know what pops up there whenever we do a little digging.”

“This kind of innocuous behavior should give us all pause for thought,” said Fromm. “Just think about it; who would want to be perfectly integrated in a society like ours anyway? I mean, they must have some ulterior motive, mustn’t they?”

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