Auto Makers, Banks, Governors, Mayors . . . the list of American’s that are willing to sell out their hard won liberties are growing.  Frankly, I find it disgusting to watch the supposed best and brightest of our citizenry schlep to Washington looking for a handout.  Is there no dignity?

To see the CEO of General Motors groveling before the likes of Chris Dodd and Barney Frank is un-American.  Not often, if ever have I agreed with Senator Dodd, but when he called for General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner to step down, I agree.  It’s humiliating to watch the Chairman of this great American Corporation beg and plead for money.  Have you seen the GM ad apologizing for their past misdeeds?

Car Czar?  You got to be kidding.

I have always purchased American made automobiles – even when I knew that Japan was producing a better product – even when I became aware that UAW members were being paid more than they were worth and that I would never have access to the benefits they took for granted.  I still bought – Made in America.

No More.

Never again will I purchase a vehicle from GM/Ford/Chrysler.  After watching the dog and pony show that is going on in Washington right now, why would I?

A cabinet level management team; a car czar; make sure its green; and don’t you dare touch those pensions.  These are just some of the strings that the politicians will have attached to the money that will be made available to the big three.  So when the next generation of the “people’s car” rolls off the assembly line – count me out.

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